I’m so excited to introduce to you my first scrapbook collection in collaboration with American Crafts! A dream came true for me with this collection, and I can’t wait to see it in your hands as a part of your memorykeeping process. This place will be where I collect every information about the collection and gather projects to inspire each other!

First, here is a short walkthrough video about the collection:

Hello December! This is the most wonderful time of the year, and you know what? This is the time of the most wonderful handmade presents as well! Every year I try to figure out a cute present I can surprise my loved ones. This year I designed a snowglobe, which holds layered embellishments, a photo, and a little surprise as well.

I share the template with the measurement here or sign up here to download the free cut file from my cut file bundle. By using the cut file you have all three different types of snowglobe, and you are free to resize the cut files and create your snowglobe in the proper size for your photo.

I can not stop creating these cute snowglobes, and it made me so happy to see how you like this super easy and quick gift as well. I already made three versions of them, a standard, a wider, and a round one. You can photos of little messages inside to turn them into meaningful Christmas gifts. Find every type of cut file in the cut file bundle.

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you have found some ideas and feel inspired! happy crafting!

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to teach a full-day class in Talavera! We had beautiful weather with colorful leaves and still warm sunshine. Talavera is 1 hour away from Madrid, so we arrived very quickly with the help of Maria and her lovely sister. The class was on Saturday with around 40 attendees who were super talented and put together the album I taught perfectly!

Tutorial blog posts

We wrapped up the day with fun photo shooting and chitchatting in the beautiful sunset. Thank you for this outstanding weekend, Maria, and the warm welcome to the girls <3

Hi Friends! Today I show you my favorite gift wrapping technique for tiny gifts. I’m sure some of you can use this idea as Christmas approaches, and I’m always very happy when I can inspire you! I create a few of these cuties every year, they always look amazing under the tree.

The only things you need is a piece of patterned paper and a trimmer board with a ruler (I used the premium trimmer board from We R Maker. Here are the steps of the assemble, and watch the short tutorial below:

Happy December everyone! This is the most wonderful time of the year and we could make it even better by stealing a little creative 'me time' into the cozy evenings and creating something pretty and festive to decorate our home and document our precious memories.

I have a new little creative idea to share with you today. I was inspired by Lora Bailora's new Postcards collection and I couldn't love more how this cute mini album turned out.

The base of the album is a Santa Mail Box, which is super easy to make (find the template below) or you can download the cut file I designed to make the process even easier.

The idea for this format came from a cute photo holder I saw in the Silhouette Store (it was a paper triangle with cuts on the top). I turned this idea into a festive decoration. You can put photos or tiny pages into the little gaps.

And the best part is that choco-bonbons can be put into the box, so you can turn this little cutie into a nice present.

The cut file of the box is part of my cut file bundle, here is the link to subscribe for free.

I hope you enjoyed this little mini-album and gift idea! Happy crafting! 

Xo Bea

Hello scrappy friends, Happy New Year! I start the year by sharing my favorite Christmas layout of last year: This page was created for the Winter Issue 2022 of Scrapbook and Cards magazine. It's always an honor to publish my work in that fantastic magazine and this layout was no exception.

I used the beautiful Mittens & Mistletoes collection by American Crafts for this layout. I just loved the non-traditional color scheme and the cute embellishments in this line. 

The Christmas House cut file is downloadable from my cut file bundle, click here to sign up for free.

My idea was to design a Christmas house with large windows and arrange little scenes behind the windows. I really enjoyed working on the little details like putting a letter in the door or creating a stand for the hats. 

I hope you liked my first layout on the blog in 2023. 

Hi friends! This is my first post in 2022 and can't imagine a better creative start of the year than a cute rainbow album. So fun! The base of the album is tiny pockets I created using the 6x8 inch sized paper pack from the Kit At Heart collection by Jan Helfield and American Crafts

I arranged the pockets in rainbow color order and placed tags into them. I added stickers to the top of the tags for easier moving. I just love the cute puffy stickers and alphabet stickers from the collection.

Here is a short tutorial of the basic steps of the assemble:

I hope you enjoyed this tiny mini-album tutorial! I can't wait to share more creative ideas with you! Happy weekend! 

Hi there! I’m back with a fun DIY home decoration today. Autumn is my favorite season of the year! I adore the cozy evenings, the colorful falling leaves, and the beautiful sunsets, and like every year I can’t wait to decorate my home with some fall-themed creations. These little paper pumpkins cheer up my desk this year. They are super cute and so easy to create!

And the best part is that you can add short messages to the back of the orange paper pieces (good wishes, a fall bucket list, or a favorite fall recipe) and it will become a nice gift that you can give to your loved ones!

Click here to watch a short tutorial on my IG.

To create the pumpkin decoration first I used my Trim Board by We R Memorykeepers to trim down the patterned paper into 4×3” and folded the paper pieces in half.

Now I grabbed a 3” wide circle dies. To create the pumpkin shape, I needed to use only a part of the circle, so I hid a small part from it using washi tape.

I placed the circle die onto the folded paper and aligned the fold to the washi tape and rolled it through the Mini Evolution Machine.

I repeated the process 8 times. Now I punched holes in the center of the paper pieces using the Disc Power Punch tool.

When finished, I attached every paper to a binding disc.

To finish the pumpkin, I added a little stem and leaves to the top. You can use a hot glue gun to attach the stem to the binding disc if needed.

One more tip:

If you would like to take photos of your pretty pumpkins, I show you my go-to technique to do that! First I stand my WRMK Photo Background on a smaller desk and choose a pretty background from the collection. Next, I place the pumpkins and props close to the background and place a light on the left side of the desk. (On the right side there is natural light). Now I place my camera in front of the desk at the same high as the pumpkins. Now everything is ready for a pretty photo!

 I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and that I could inspire you to create fall decorations for your home! Thanks for stopping by! Bea

Hi there! Happy Friday! The good news is that we have a whole weekend ahead to prepare gifts for our loved ones to cheer up their Valentine's Day. 

I have two easy and fun ideas to create for you, I hope you will be inspired to create something pretty with paper and embellishments.

First, I created DIY photo frames which I turned into little pockets to hold photos. To create the frames, I used my Frame punch board by WeRMemorykeepers, but you can use a trimmer board as well. Next, I made a pretty button that fit my frame and attached a paper clip and a magnet to the back using a hot glue gun. I put a cute photo into the frame, attached the paperclip to the top. Easy peasy. 

Here is the short TUTORIAL VIDEO of the process. 

The second idea I show you is my absolute fave this year. It's a cute heart-shaped strawberry with secret messages between the layers.

I die cut 8 heart shapes from patterned paper, and folded them in half, I punch one hole to the center of the folded papers using my Disc Power Punch and put four of them to a planner disc. Next, I grabbed a 5x4 cm paper piece, folded it in half, and then folded an additional flap, punched in the center to create a holder that fits the planner disc size. I attached a piece of paper stripe to the holder and added the leftover hearts to the disc 

Here is a short VIDEO TUTORIAL of the process. hole

Thanks for stopping by! XO Bea

Hi, scrapbooking friends. Today I would like to share a special project with you to showcase why I love scrapbooking, and what I love the most in the creative process.  For me, scrapbooking is to preserve memories in more ways than photos can do by themselves. Happiness ebbs and flows through our lives and I want to capture these unforgettable moments of joy by documenting them so that I can relive those precious moments from time to time. This is the reason that my favorite scrapbooking projects are mini albums, I love the creative process of assembling the base, and my family enjoys so much looking through the photos and reading the stories. It’s a beautiful thing! Through the creative process, scrapbooking also helped me to become more organized, take better photos, and to find my own style. I found new friends and an encouraging the community through this hobby. Because scrapbooking is not only useful but also fun! Besides the beautiful papers and embellishments, there are a lot of great new trends and techniques that make this hobby diverse and enjoyable.

This is the mini album I created for today as a sample of my favorite scrapbooking projects.

If you are interested in knowing more about this album, visit my Instagram to watch the walkthrough.

 Thank you for stopping by! XO Bea

 Dear friends! Thrilled to share that my latest online class, Merry & Bright is open for registration!

I couldn't be more excited about this! It's been a while since I have done an online workshop, but I can't resist Michaela's invitation to EnMiCratroom, and the beauty of Lora Bailoras' collection.

In this online workshop, I will guide you through the process of creating three projects. We will start by creating a layout with varied dimensional techniques and then move on to creating the album, which is perfect to feature your Holiday memories. I share my favorite tips to add interactive pages and festive details to the album. Finally, we assemble the box in an envelope shape and create handmade embellishments to make it unique and personal. The workshop is available on the EnMiCraftroom site alongside many talented scrapbookers workshops! 

In this workshop, I used Lora Bailora's new Christmas collection, called Volver. Please keep in mind, that you can use your own supplies!

  Thank you, I hope we meet you at the class!

Happy December, everyone! If you know me, it's not a surprise that I start December with an Advent Calendar project. As my children grow up, we’ve switched chocolate and small gifts to ‘Christmas coupons’ in the Advent calendar. A cookie-baking afternoon or a movie night is a real pleasure for them, as is putting together a charity gift package or making a postcard for people living in a nursing home.

To create the calendar, I folded 12+1 tiny pockets from patterned paper, (there are 2 tags in every pocket). You can see a short tutorial for the pockets here

Then, I created a cover using cardboard and patterned paper. To the inside, I added an additional cardboard piece (18,5 x 16,5 cm) which I wrapped around with baker's twine. I adhered the wrapped cardboard piece to the cover, and I strung the pockets to the string. Then, I adhered the back of the pockets together. Here are the measurements of the cover:

Finally, I put a coupon tag into every pocket. I only added a number to those tags which contain specific dating activities.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, and I could inspire you to be creative and make pretty stuff! Thanks for stopping by!

Hi there, welcome to my blog! Today I'm excited to share my December Daily 2021 base and foundation pages. This time I used a super easy bookbinding technique which allows me to add a lot of pages, pockets, photos, and stories to my album. 

To create the album you will need:

2 cardboard pieces in size 18 x 21 cm

1 white cardstock in size: 40,3 x 20,6 cm

1 piece of acetate sheet in size 8 x 20,6 cm

4 pieces of planner disc (2,5 cm wide)

Posca or Sharpie white marker

Planner punch or Disc Power Punch

The full pages are 14 x 20,6 cm

the smaller pages are made from 28 x 10 cm wide paper which I folded in half. 

Here you can find the template of the inner cover (and spine) 

Please check out the process video where I show you the basic steps of the assembling of the cover:

I’ve not finished the foundation pages yet, I store my photos on my phone and make notes about the stories, and I decided to spend about an hour a day with my DD in December, this way I hope I can finish in January.

Thanks for watching and spending all this time with me, it is really appreciated, have a wonderful day and we will see you soon.

Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing a super tiny mini album I created using the gorgeous Garden Party collection from Maggie Holmes. The best thing about this type of album is that although its size is very small, a lot of photos can still be inserted. 

The size of the album is 4x6 cm, and I inserted 10 pieces of photos in size 3.5x5.5 cm. 

To create the pages, I used 2 patterned paper pieces in size 16x12 cm. I folded the paper into two horizontally and then into four vertically. Here is the template of the papers:

The next step is to adhere the pages together. I added double-sided tape to the back of the first page's last rectangle and the first rectangle of the second page, and then I put them together. You can add more pages with this shifting technique if you need.

Next, I closed the pages and adhered cardstock paper pieces to the front and the back as a cover. I used an elastic band to keep the album closed. Now it was time to fill the album with photos and flat embellishments.

 I hope you enjoyed this tiny mini-album inspiration! See you soon with another project! Bye!

Happy fall y'all! Autumn is my favorite season and I can't wait to capture our adventures! Until that, I documented this cute photo I took a few years earlier!

To reach more dimensions and contrast, I decided to add a white frame to the leaves. To do that, I outlined the leaf cut files in Silhouette Studio and cut them out from white cardstock. I stuck them under the colorful leaves and bent up the edges a little bit.

I hope you enjoyed my first fall-themed project, can't wait to share more with you soon! Have a nice, crafty day!

Hi everyone! What is your go-to technique when creating a scrapbook layout? I really believe nothing makes a layout stand out more than dimension and good color choices! Following my rule, I created a new layout with colored 3D pumpkins! 

Those layered pumpkins were so fun to create! I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the pumpkins and attached them together using matching colored thread. 

Every year we have a girl’s day with my little daughter around her birthday. I’m going to put in this classic cascading mini album the photos we’re going to take that day. The Buenos Diaz collection is full of sunshine and happiness, and the gorgeous patterns and colors are just begging to be included in a mini album! I enjoyed so much creating this classic cascade album. I left the pages of the album simple and clean.

It's the first weekend of September and we already gathered for a full-day workshop with my dear scrapbook mates at the Piccolo shop, in Barcelona. I chose the delightful ew Crate Paper collection for this workshop and the albums of the attendees just turned out beautiful!

Thank you so much for inviting me to teach dear Eva, it was an honor to spend the day with you and with your awesome scrapbook-friend group!!

Hi there! Today I'm sharing the video tutorial of my disc-bound travel journal. In this journal, the pages are paper pockets that are perfect for keeping your memorabilia or photos documented and organized. You can find the video about the steps of basic assembly and the measures below.

I used stone paper. It's a special paper you can use to create notebooks or add paints and inks. It holds its' shape when curled or can be distressed for a faux leather look.

Here is the video tutorial:

Here are the exact sizes of the cover and the pocket pages.

Thanks for stopping by! Bea

Sending and receiving happy mail is always a pleasure! Especially if your favorite colors are in the package! These monochrome, personalized little gifts are sure to put a smile on my crafty friends' faces. And putting them together is super easy and fun!

The base of the happy mail is a 12x5.25" patterned paper piece which I folded up by 2" and then folded in half. I put double-sided adhesive to both sides and to the center to create the pocket. The tags are 2x4" and used the tag punch to add them tag shape quick and easy. To create a closure to the pocket, I used thread and a decorative button I created using my button maker tool.

Here is a short tutorial of the process: Intagram REEL

Thanks for stopping by! Bea

Handmade gifts for Mother’s Day are always so special. Today I'm showing you a super easy mini album base I created for my mom for mother's day. The cover of the album was inspired by a pretty gift bag and the inside pages are perfect for a clean and simple interactive album. Once you’ve put together the foundation, a lot of 7x7cm images will fit in it.

Watch the video tutorial to see the measurements and the basic steps of the assemble.

1. Cover: Cut patterned paper 9x30 cm.

2. Score at 11 and 4 and 11 cm
3. Use the alignment guide as a template and round the front edge.
4. Hidden hinges: cut thin white paper 10x9 cm.
5. Score in by 1-1 cm through the paper. Fold the scored lines and attach the spine to the cover.
6. Pages:Trim patterned paper into 19x10 cm, score at 1 and 9 cm.
7. Attach the three pages to the base.
8. Add additional pages to the pockets.
9. Decorate each page.

I hope you enjoyed my lil project! Thanks for stopping by! Bea

Happy December 2020! I believe that it 'better to join the fun later than never'... this is extra true for December albums! So then I don’t mind that I just finished with the base of my December Daily album and start filling up the pages. This year is a little different, so my album was a little different too. I’d rather describe my thoughts through the month and just put fewer pictures into it. 

The base of the album is super simple and has a lot of possibilities to add more additional pages. In this video, I show you the album base and the and main step of the basic assembly. 

The size of the album is 18,5x17 cm and includes 18 basic pages. Here you can find the measures of the pages and cover. Find more details in the process video.

I used the Troquel mini bolas shaker die set to showcase the numbers of the pages. I baked the tiny ornaments with punched circle paper pieces and added sticker numbers. 

This type of album is perfect to display on your desk or use as a home decoration. The only thing you need is to bend back the front cover using a piece of ribbon, and the album stands securely. I just love the look of this album on my shelf. 

Thanks for stopping by! xo Bea 

Hey there! Today I share a new layout featuring the adorable Hey, Santa collection by Crate Paper. This time I wanted to show you a fun way to use a lot of embellishments on your layout.

To beginning I gathered some favorite embellishments from the collection and tried to find the best way to use them all on my page. 

I also decided to create DIY embellishments to add more personal touch to my page. I made some 3D ornaments and a bunch of decor buttons using my WRMK button maker.

To avoid being the layout too busy, I chose a soft pink cardstock as my background. Next, I trimmed 1cm wide paper stripes using red patterned papers from the 6x8 paper pad. I created a big bow from the paper stripes and crossed the rest stripes in the center of the background to imitate a big gift box.

I printed out two small photos from the last Holiday season, and placed them both into the center. Then, I arranged all the pretty embellishments into the box shape. To adhere the stickers and die-cut pieces, I used foam tape to add more dimension. 

I placed a gift tag next to the paper bow, and added ‘Merry Christmas’ sticker from the sticker book. To add more interest to the page, I highlighted the corners of the gift box shape with machined stitched details and stitched beads to the background.  I spread white acrylic paint as a finishing touch.

I hope you like my holiday-themed layout, and I could encourage you to use Hey, Santa collection on your next paper project. Thanks for stopping by!

Hello, friends! Handmade gift boxes with tiny surprises for Valentine’s Day are always so special. They are pretty, represent your love and care, and so easy and fun to create! Today I’m showing you some super sweet paper gift boxes you can create with your Button Press tool.

Here is the video about the basic steps of the assemble:

I chose the easiest way to create the base of the boxes. I grabbed my Explosion Board, trimmed down patterned paper into 6×6″, and created an XXS box.

Next, I used the large cutting die of the Button Press and cut two big circles. These circles go to the top of the box. I trimmed a 1.5″ wide paper stripe, fold it at 0.5″ on the top, and fussy cut a wavy line on the bottom. I cut tiny notches to the top of the strip and curved around the paper circle. I attached the second circle to the top using liquid glue.

Now came the “cherry on the top”! I chose a lovely patterned paper with tiny hearts from the Go the Scenic Route collection by Paige Evans and created a small button with my Button Press. I love how cute is that red button, a perfect tiny gift for Valentine’s Day!

I poked a tiny hole to the center of the box’s top and pierced through a piece of green pipe cleaner as the stem of the cherry. I pinned the red button to the pipe cleaner, and voila! it became a sweet cherry on the top of a cupcake! It’s easy to remove the button so it can use as packaging and as a gift, win-win!

I made another design for the top of my “cake” box, a lovely flower with a pretty button in the center. It’s super easy to create that flower, the only thing you need is your Button Press! First, create a cute small button with your design. I fussy cut a heart shape and placed the center of a red paper to create mine. Next, cut six more circles using the small cutting die of Button Press. Fold the circles in half, and fold back the bottom corner a little bit.

When you unfold the edges, you get a nice, dimensional petal shape. Adhere the petals to the top of the box, and attach your button to the center.

I love how those boxes turned out and I hope I can make my loved once happy with them. Thank you for stopping by! Bea

 Hi everyone, I'm here to share a new mini-album featuring the beautiful Marigold collection and accordion technique! The size of the album is 3 x 4.5″ and contains 6 tiny pockets to hold photos and tags. I started to create the base by trimming down white cardstock paper to 16.5 x 6″. Next, I folded up 1.5″ at the bottom. To create the accordion base, I folded the paper stripe into six equal parts.

I curved the top of the pockets with scissors and attached them to the background with machine stitching.

When I was done with the base, I started creating tags to fill up the pockets. I trimmed six tags using patterned papers from the collection. I layered the tags with journaling tags and labels from the cut-a-part sheet. I also added stickers, ephemera pieces, and charms to embellish the pages. The next step was to create the cover! I trimmed down two pieces of patterned paper into 7 x 4.75″. Between the two papers, I adhered a 1.25 x 4.75″ cardstock paper piece to the center to strengthen the spine, and two pieces of ribbon. Then I attached the papers with liquid glue. I found the ‘happy little moments’ cardstock sticker to be a perfect title for my album. I layered ephemera pieces behind the sticker and added sequins around the title. I attached the base of the album to the inner side of the front cover using double-sided tape.

I hope I could inspire you to create an accordion mini album for your favorite photos and memories! Thanks for stopping by!

Hi, there! I'm sharing a super easy and fun mini-album inspiration with you today! This album is perfect for displaying your photos and thoughts on your desk. I created this album to showcase the things I’m grateful for every day no matter how small that is.

Here you can see a video about the basic assemble of this album:

This is the template and the measures of the box and the pages.

To create the pages, I trimmed down patterned paper pieces into 10.8 x 15 cm and fold by 7 cm. I fold back the top of the page to create a little flap. To attach the page to the paper straw, I punched a hole in the bottom center of the pages. I used the gorgeous ‘Go the scenic route’ collection by Paige Evans and tried to arrange the pages into a rainbow color scheme.

Next, I wanted to feature the theme of every page in my box album, so I grabbed my lowercase word punch board. I love how easy to add titles to the pages with this pretty tool. To punch short words I placed the letters next to each other, but I could punch longer words using the letters one by one.

I inserted 10 pages into my box mini-album, but I can extend the number of the pages easily if I want to add more themes to my list.

I hope you enjoyed my mini album inspiration today, and I could inspire you to use your Word Punch Board to add titles to your pages. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Friends! I'm back with a fun fall-themed layout today. Autumn is my favorite season of the year! I adore the cozy evenings, the colorful falling leaves, and the beautiful sunsets.

To create this layout, all you need is a paper trimmer and pretty patterned papers. I used the beautiful Late Afternoon collection by Amy Tangerine, and my Premium Paper Trimmer from We R Memory Keepers

I shared a short tutorial on my IG feed to show you, how I created these colorful fall leaves and tiny half pumpkins. When I was ready with all these beautiful leaves, I arranged them around the page. I used hot glue gun to keep them in place. Next, I placed a big bow to the bottom and adhered my photo to the center of the page. Easy-peasy 🙂

I hope you liked my first fall-themed layout this year, can't wait to share more with you! xo Bea

Hi friends! Today I share a new mini album using the gorgeous Marigold collection by Maggie Holmes.

This new line is so sweet and pretty, just like a fairy tale. The colors are amazing with a mixture of both pastels and bolds and I’m so in love with the beautiful floral patterns and the cute embellishments.

The first things that caught my eye in this collection were the adorable deer and pear tree embellishments. I just had to use them! These cute figures inspired me to create a forest scene into my mini album.

My idea was to create an easy accordion fold mini-album and adhere the houses, the pear tree, and some animals to the top of the pages. 

With that in mind, I created a cover in size 12,5x18 cm using a heavy cardstock base. I decided to cut a V-shaped window out from the front cover, and I covered the gap with a half-folded piece of transparent sheet. I scattered glitter and sequences between the transparent layers. I adore how the cute deer look through the little ‘window’.

Next, I trimmed down 4 pieces of patterned paper into 30x12 cm and folded them by 11 cm into three parts. I attached the folded papers with double-sided tape and created pockets and interactive pages to add more interest.

To embellish the pages, I used mostly flat stickers and ephemera pieces to avoid getting the album too bulky. I love the fact that Marigold collection has a bunch of cut-apart sheets with tags and journaling cards. They make it super easy to add handwritten journaling to my album.  

I hope you liked my first project with Marigold collection, I can’t wait to share more with you! Thanks for stopping by!

Hey, everyone! I’m so excited to show you my first project made with the new ’Late Afternoon’ collection by Amy Tangerine. This new line is so delicate and pretty, fits many themes and projects. I adore the beautiful autumn color scheme and the lovely autumn patterns on the papers, and as I walked through the 12x12 paper pad I was immediately inspired to create a mini album for my upcoming fall photos.

First, here is a short process video about the album and the main steps of the basic assembly.

This time I chose the super-easy accordion-fold spine bookbinding technique, but I spiced up the structure with a pull-out back cover (I write about this further below)

I started my album by creating the cover. I trimmed down 4 pieces of heavy cardstock into 14,5x10 cm. To create the frame to the front cover I cut out the center of the first cardstock piece. Then I covered all of them with patterned paper. To the front cover, I wanted to fill the frame with an autumn forest scene, so I fussy cut five trees from patterned paper. I stitched thread branches to the trees, and adhered sequences to add a little shine. I arranged the trees into the frame and adhered wide ribbon pieces to both sides under the frame.

Next, I trimmed down a strong but flexible paper into an 8 cm stripe and created the accordion folded spine using my WRMK scoreboard.  I attached the spine to the front cover, between the frame and the other heavy cardstock pieces. On the back cover, I attached the spine between the two cardstock pieces also, but I attached the cardstock pieces only on the top and on the bottom. This way I could pull through the wide ribbon between the cover layers, and the back cover became a pull-out element.

With pulling out the back cover, the pages appear. I absolutely love the sight of the varied patterned papers and the layered pages!

The pages of the album are 13x9,5 cm. I’m a huge fan of pockets, so I turned two pages into pockets to create more space for photos. To embellish the pages, I fussy cut quotes, and flowers from the patterned papers.

I hope you liked my mini album today, and I could inspire you to try new bookbinding techniques for your next project. Thanks for stopping by! Bea

Hi, Crate Paper fans! It’s Bea here sharing a new mini-album featuring the adorable and beautiful Sweet Story collection by Maggie Holmes. I have to admit that one of our favorite programs during quarantine time was baking cakes. We had so much fun making a lot of sweet and delicious cakes with my daughter, and I decided to document those delightful moments in a mini album. The Sweet Story collection is jam-packed with fruit and sweetie embellishment pieces, just perfect for the baking theme. I designed a fun interactive album base with cascade pages, so now I just need to fill up the pages with the photos.

First, here is a video, so you can see a flip-through of the album and then the basic assembly of the base:

The size of the album is 5,5x3,75”. I constructed the cover using heavy cardstock pieces and patterned paper. To make the cover more playful, I cut wavy edges to the cardstock and completed the front cover with a piece of transparent sheet.  I love that the cascade pages can be seen through the cover.

To create the pages, I trimmed down patterned papers and stitched them together using thread. I created two page-groups and arrange them opposite each other. I attached the pages to the back cover using double-sided tape.

I embellished the pages with adorable stickers and ephemera pieces from the collection using tone on tone technique.

I also created fun layered clusters using fussy cut bows, and cut fringes with fringe scissors.

On the last page, I created a tiny vellum pocket to make space for additional photos or journaling. I adore the gorgeous gold puffy bow on the top of the pocket.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’re inspired to create your own Sweet Story mini-album and maybe venture into this interactive design too!

Hi Everyone! I'm sharing a super easy and quick layout inspiration with you today.  This time I tried to feature some of my favorite techniques on one layout. Layering, stitching, fussy cutting, fringes, and shaker pockets have been definitely my preferred techniques whenever I create. I used the stunning Sweet Story collection by Maggie Holmes, I love the colors and florals, they are so beautiful and would be perfect to use for all kinds of summertime occasion.

I started my layout with die cutting large circles using my die cut machine. Patterned papers are always one of my favorite things in any collection, and I like to use as many patterns as possible! I chose a pretty pink cardstock as my background, and I layered the circles to the center. I love how layering adds dimension and interesting look to my pages!

I printed out my photo, and die-cut in a circle as well. I placed my photo to the top row and started to decorate the circles with different techniques. First, I grabbed a lot of sequences and beads, and I stitched them to the patterned paper circles. They are so playful and add a nice shine to my layout. Next, I fussy cut a heart shape from a purple circle and backed it with a piece of acetate sheet. I spread sequences behind the acetate and machine stitched together with a second patterned paper circle. I highlighted the edges with gold glitter paint.

I enjoyed so much decorating those circles with pretty stickers and ephemera pieces. I added a fussy cut rose and bows, and placed a beautiful layered butterfly to the circles. I stitched the circles to the background paper and adhered the ‘sunshine + smiles’ title to the bottom as a finishing touch.

Thanks for joining me today! I hope you’re all inspired to create with this gorgeous collection and try out new techniques!

Hi, everyone, I'm back to the Crate Paper blog.  Today I would like to share a special project with you to showcase why I love scrapbooking, and what I love the most in the creative process.  For me, scrapbooking is to preserve memories in more ways than photos can do by themselves. Happiness ebbs and flows through our lives and I want to capture these unforgettable moments of joy by documenting them so that I can relive those precious moments from time to time. This is the reason that my favorite scrapbooking projects are mini albums, I love the creative process of assembling the base and my family enjoys so much looking through the photos and reading the stories. It’s a beautiful thing! Through the creative process, scrapbooking also helped me to become more organized, take better photos, and to find my own style. I found new friends and encouraged the community through this hobby. Because scrapbooking is not only useful but also fun! Besides the beautiful papers and embellishments, there are a lot of great new trends and techniques that make this hobby diverse and enjoyable.

This is the mini album I created for today as a sample of my favorite scrapbooking projects.

Using a brand new collection is always 'cherry on the top' in my process, so I chose the amazingly beautiful Sweet Story collection for my mini album.

The best part of the process for me is designing the album in my head. First I decide about the style, the color scheme, and the sizes. I always like to add something personal, unique to my albums. This time I designed a layered flower cut file to decorate the cover. To create the flower, I cut 7 different layers from patterned paper using my Cameo. To add dimension, I used a hot glue gun to attach the layers.

Next, I covered the mini album with fabric, and created a curved spine from heavy cardstock stripes and patterned paper.

The inside pages of the album have various sizes and forms just as I love. I don’t measure the size of the pages, just add them to the album in the prettiest way as I can. I use my favorite techniques to embellish the album like fussy cutting, layering or machine stitching.

I love making scrapbooks. It's one of the most fun projects in the world to me. I can’t wait to share new ideas with you next time! Thanks for stopping by! Bea

Hi, Ladies! I'm so excited to share a new project with you today. There are three things in this album that I wanted to make for a long time...

First, the theme...I wanted to create a Week in the life album! I learned about this theme from Ali Edwards when I attended her class last week. I loved this idea and I decided to give it a try. Next, I wanted to use my Cinch! The hardest thing to use the Cinch machine for me is that I have to be ready with every page before I put together the album. Usually, I start my albums by creating the cover, and then I enjoy working on the pages and fill the album with them one by one. This is the reason why I wanted to figure out an expandable album form using my Cinch. My idea was to trim down hinges from acetate sheet, bind them together, and then I could attach the pages to the hinges one by one. It was a perfect solution for me! 

In this video you can see the entire process of the hidden spiral bookbinding technique and the first pages I added to my album. 

As I was ready with the first pages I added them to my album. The size of the cover is 14x18.5 cm + I added 5 pcs 0,5x18,5 cm hard cardstock pieces to the spine. I used white cardstock in size 33x18,5 cm to attach the spiral to the inside of the cover. I folded in half, punched holes, and scored line by 1,5 cm. The hinges are 2x18 cm. The size of the pages I attached to the hinges is 11x18 cm.

I hope I could inspire you to give a try to this bookbinding technique! Thanks for stopping by! Bea

What an unforgettable workshop filled with happiness and creativity in Menorca at the 'My Sweet Valentine' campus! I taught a mini album class and enjoyed the weekend with about 100 fantastic girls who filled this weekend with delight and laughs ❤️



oN SUNDAY eVA SURPRISED THE ATTENDEES WITH A HEARTWARMIN CONCERT, AND THEN sTEFFI AND ME VISITED SOME FABOUTUS PLACE ON THE ISLAND. I was so honored to be invited by Eva, and was happy to share a lot of fantastic moments the girls.

Hey, everyone! I’m so excited to share my first project with the adorable and incredibly beautiful Sweet Story collection by Maggie Holmes. This collection is pure happiness with gorgeous colors, lovely sentiments, and adorable embellishments.

My project is a simple and super easy album which could be a perfect gift idea to your beloved ones for Valentin’s Day.  

The tricky part of this project is that the pages of the album are attached to the paper case with a piece of ribbon so this way the box became a nice holder to the opened album.

Here is a video, so you can see the finished album and then the basic assembly of the paper case and the base:

I had two reasons to keep this album simple and clean. First, I created this album for my husband and I knew he preferred a simply styled album filled mostly with photos and personal journaling. Second, the playful structure of the album nicely showcased the beautiful range of patterned papers and I felt it needed only a few stickers or ephemera pieces to embellish.

I started my album by putting together the paper case. To create the box, you only need patterned paper and a paper trimmer. Find the templates of the box bellow, at the end of the blog post.

I adhered a big paper heart with a paper bow to the top of the box. There are a lot of adorable sentiments in the Sweet Story collection which is perfect for a Valentine’s Day project. I trimmed down the cut-a-part sheet and added the ‘You are magic’ card to the front of the box as a title of my album.

Next, I trimmed down patterned papers to 3x8”. I folded the pages in half and created a flap by cutting two 1 cm long lines from 1 inch of the right and of the left edges. I fold back the flaps to keep the pages quite open. I attached the pages with the back-to-back technique, and attach them to the paper box with a piece of ribbon. When attaching the pages to the ribbon in the box, the bottom of the pages should be half a centimeter lower than the top of the box! If you add heavy embellishments to the pages, adhere a piece of foam adhesive behind the folded tabs to keep the pages standing.

I hope I could inspire you to create a handmade album as a Valentine’s Day gift! I can’t wait to share with you more projects using the Sweet Story collection. Thank you for stopping by!




Hey everyone! Today I share a cute DIY journal I created using the super fun Slice of Life collection by Amy Tangerine. I don't know about you, but for me, there are long hard days when I need a reminder that I should not give up on my dreams and hard work will always pay off.  This is the reason I created this little journal with the following title: 'Have Faith in your dreams and your rainbow will come smiling through!" I added this title to a cloud I created from white cardstock and placed a rainbow behind the cloud. I can pull out the rainbow from behind the cloud, and this reminds me that sometimes I just need to create my own luck 🙂

Here is a short video about the basic assembly of the journal:

The size of the journal is 7.5x4.5". To create the DIY journal, I used the WRMK binding tool. I attached the rainbow to the cloud with an eyelet using a Crop-a-dile.

Thank you for stopping by! Bea

Hi, Ladies! I'm here with my very first project using the ah-dorable Magical Forest collection by Crate Paper! To be honest, I couldn’t be more excited about this collection! The papers are so bright and fun, and it’s made for feminine and masculine layouts! This is perfect for me since we have three boys and a girl! I love these types of collections. But there are other fun ways you could use them too. This time, I decided to create a home decoration that is perfectly usable as an organizer.

Do you remember the ‘Snail Mail’ pockets we sent to our creative friends to brighten their days? They were so popular projects and I loved to create them. This time I was inspired by those tiny packages, I just altered the pockets and enlarged the base to fit the empty space on my daughter’s wall.

I started my project by cutting out the big heart base and the two pockets from patterned paper. I wanted to be sure that the pockets are strong enough to hold notebooks and journals, so I adhered the heart to a heavy cardstock base and stitched fabric pieces to the back of the pockets.

Next, I machine stitched the pockets to the heart base, and added a ribbon to the top.

Magical Forest collection is jam-packed with adorable stickers and I couldn’t resist adding that pretty girl sticker to the bottom of the heart. I then arranged the ‘Let’s Play’ title above the girl using the beautiful gold Alphabet stickers from the collection.

I filled the pockets with tiny envelopes, mini albums, notebooks, and cards to inspire my daughter to get creative and play!

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Magical Forest collection then make sure you join us on the blog! The design team is bringing lots of inspiration your way!

Hi, Ladies! I have to admit that I'm totally obsessed with DIY journals recently! This is the reason why I start organizing summer plans with creating a new journal 🙂 This time I went with a super fun fruit shape journal.To create the journal I used Slice of Life collection by Amy Tangerine. 

Here are the main steps of the assembly:

First, I trimmed patterned paper into 21x20,5 cm and folded in half. Next, I used my Alphabet Alignment Guide by American Crafts as a template, it has a perfect size to create a journal.

I repeated the process with 10 copy papers, those will be the inside pages.

I arranged the papers into the cover and used my Bookbinding Guide By WRMK to punch holes and then I stitched together the pages.

To create the slices, I cut a yellow patterned paper in half circle, folded in three, and cut around the three parts. I adhered the slices to the front cover and added fussy cut leaves and flower stickers to the top.

I hope you enjoyed my little DIY journal step by step instructions! Have a nice weekend! xo Bea

Happy New Year Crate Paper friends. We might already be a few days into 2020, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start getting organized and planning our days a little better right now! After all, sometimes it takes a bit to settle into new routines that include things like New Year’s Resolutions. That’s why I start the year by creating a DIY organizer that will help me reach my maximum productivity potential in the coming year!

The size of the DIY organizer is 5x8.5 inches. To create the base, I trimmed down white cardstock into 17x5.5 inches and folded into seven parts. I added heavy cardstock cover to the cardstock base to make the organizer more permanent. I covered the pages with pattern papers from the lovely All Heart collection.

The organizer has four main parts. On both sides, I added a lot of pockets to hold notes and other important papers. On the right side of the center, I added a pocket for my DIY journal. On the right side, I inserted two bookbinding rings into the back cover to create a 2-ring binder with tab dividers. 

I used my Silhouette cutting machine to cut out varied tab dividers from patterned papers. Between the dividers, I added a bunch of copy paper to my binder.

An elastic band is always a good idea to keep your planner organized! I pierced holes on both sides of my page and pulled the elastic band through the holes. It perfectly keeps my notes in place in a clean and simple way. 

One of my favorite elements of the organizer is my DIY journal. I used the beautiful specialty paper with the holographic hearts from the collection to create the cover, and decorated the front with colorful cross-stitching.

On the backside of the pages, there is more space and pockets for notes!

So that’s it from me today! I hope my planner idea has inspired you to get that 2020 goals or resolution down and start 2020 well organized. Thanks for stopping by the blog today, Bea.

Hello, Crate Paper fans! Its Bea here with you today sharing a new card-trio as part of the ‘creative cards’ week. For me, card making is like going on an adventure… You’ve got a certain plan in your head, but you don’t know how everything will turn out. I usually gather different papers and embellishments on my table and select the items that fit together because they have got matching colors, patterns or symbols.

This time, I chose the adorable La La Love collection to create with, and fussy cut a bunch of hearts, fruits, sentiments, and other cuties from pattern papers. My idea was to gather the embellishment pieces by themes and to layer all of them on my cards.

For all cards I began by choosing a patterned paper base from the 6x8 paper pad. I cut out the papers from the paper pad and folded them in half vertically to create an unusual card base. Next, I strung every embellishment I gathered earlier with thread and attached them to the card base. I love how the embellishment pieces on the string add dimension and playfulness to the cards. I also placed beads and buttons between the papers to add more interest.

On my first card, I used my electric cutting machine to cut out tiny sunglasses. I applied tone on tone technique to decorate the sunglasses with sticker hearts. I mixed and matched puffy stickers and cardstock stickers to create the title. My next cards feature more intricate fussy cutting. On my third card, I was inspired by the cute cherry stickers from the collection to fussy cut more cherries and to create ‘heart cherries’ using stickers from the sticker sheet.

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you’ve found some inspiration for creating Valentine cards with your favorite Crate Paper products!

Hi, everyone! Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I wanted to share with you this lil project I created for my daughter this year. I feel that we can not say often enough our children how much we love them, and what are those things we love about them.

I decided to gather some cute things about my daughter and put them in a heart-shaped album. To do that, I printed out 20 tiny journaling cards with my thoughts and trimmed patterned paper into 5x7 cm to create 20 tiny flaps. I fold back the top 1 cm of the papers and adhered the journaling cards to the back. 

Next, I cut two big (21x19 cm) hearts from patterned paper using my Cameo.. I chose the red heart for the back of the album, attached it to a heavy cardstock piece and cut it around. Next, I adhered a wide ribbon across the heart background using double-sided tape. Then I added all the cute patterned paper pieces with my journaling on the back to the background and added photos and embellishment to the front.

To finish my album I cut in half the second heart, and attach the heart pieces with the ribbon to the back. I also added two cardstock paper stripes beside the ribbon to hold the half hearts in place.  I created the title with mixing and matching alphabet stickers from the Crate Paper sticker book.

This project is perfect to use up your stash and to give some love to your family members. I hope you enjoyed this project! Thanks for stopping by!

Hey Ladies! I’m so excited to share my new project. It’s the 1st of December, and we are slightly getting into the festive spirit figuring out gift ideas and new cookie receipts.  All of us like to receive gifts, but I find it’s always better to give gifts. Apart from buying gifts for children I always try to create something handmade and festive for my friends and adult family members to show our thoughtfulness.

This year I decided to create handmade paper ornaments, and I also created coordinating holders to them. Pretty gift for my friends and delightful crafting time for me 🙂

To create the 3D star, I started with cutting six similar shapes out of a 12x12 patterned paper. To save time, I designed a simple cut file and used my electric cutting machine to cut out the parts of the star. Find the free cut file here

Here is a short process video, so you can see how I put together the star and the box.

To create the coordinating packaging, I cut out the boxes from patterned paper. Next, I fussy cut tiny hills from light patterned paper to imitate the snowy landscape. I adhered a cute snowman cardstock stickers with an ephemera sled to the top of the ‘hills’ and layered pine branches behind them. I love how the pine branches added dimension to my project. I finished the embellishing with adhering gold snowflakes to the top, and the December sentiment to the bottom of the box.

On the next box, I completed the look of my snowy ’landscape’ with cardstock sticker house and sticker trees. I also added a car to the front of the house. So cute!

When finished, I placed the folded star ornament into the boxes, put a piece of handmade chocolate next to them, and added a triangle Holiday Card to the top.

I hope that you have been inspired by this gift idea today. Giving a handmade present is a nice sentimental gesture and I am sure the recipient would really appreciate it. Any questions at all about how to make these don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the section below!

Hi Ladies! Maybe you remember that I shared a DIY Winter Journal with snowflake-inspired stitching some days ago. This project was very popular and I got a lot of questions about the process. I think the easiest way to show you the steps of the binding and the stitching is to make a process video. 

I added every measurement to the video. I used papers and embellishments from Crate Paper Snowflake collection and the We R Memory Keepers Book Binding Guide tool to pierce through the cover and the pages. 

Thanks for stopping by! Bea

I’m so excited to share with you a new mini album I created to celebrate Mother’s Day! I enjoyed so much to refresh my Flourish collection stash with the products that are part of the Designer Destination program JOANN Stores just started, so I grabbed my new and old items and started to create! 

First, here is a video, so you can see a flip through of the finished album and then the basic assembly of the base:

The finished size of this album is 4 x 7.25 x 0.75”, so it’s almost pocket sized! The base of the cover is a folded patterned paper, which I extended with transparent vinyl. I folded the vinyl pieces in half and scattered glitter in there before I machine stitched them to the paper base. To keep the album flaps shut I adhered a sequenced flower to the front and bound around with a piece of ribbon – perfect solution for projects just like this!

The structure of the album is very playful and pretty. The length of the pages increase with 0.75” with each page, and they open to the left or to the right one after another.   

I started to fill my album with printing out my photos in various sizes, fitting to the size of the pages. I added my photos to the mini album before embellishing. This way, the photo determines the embellishment placement and not the other way around.

I tried to use a mix of flat embellishments because of I didn’t want my album to be too bulky. Stickers, thickers, ephemera pieces, and puffy stickers were great to use in my album.

I mixed the embellishments on each page to add a variety of textures and dimension. The layered embellishments over white space add interest to the pages.

This mini album could be prepared in any size, but here are the exact sizes I used to my album:

Cover: Trim patterned paper to measure 6”x7.5”. Fold by 0.25”, then 0.75”, 4” and 0.75”. Trim 2 pieces of vinyl to 4”x7.5”, fold them in half. Fill them with a little glitter, and machine stitch to the paper.

1. Page: Trim patterned paper to measure 10.5”x7.25”, then fold by 3.5” and 3.5” again. Trim the right page lengths to measure 5.75”, the left page lengths to measure 6.5”. (Watch the process video to see the steps!)

Next pages: Trim the first page to 4.5”x2.75”, fold by 3.5” and then 0.25”. Trim the second page to 4.5”x3.5”, fold by 3.5” and then 0.25”. Trim the third page to 4.5”x4.25, fold by 3.5” and then 0.25”. Trim the fourth page to 4.5”x5” and fold by 3.5” and then 0.15”. Attach them to the back of the main page.

I hope you liked my mini album and enjoyed reading about my process. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you! Have a lovely day!

Hey everyone, I am kicking off ‘Designer Destination’ week on the Crate Paper blog. Heritage collection joined Designer Destination at Joann Stores and apart of a wide range of embellishments they offer a special Project Pad. This Project Pad includes patterned papers, glittered papers, cardstock papers, and stickers.  For today’s project, I was inspired by the beautiful cardstock papers from the Project Pad.
As I went through the gorgeous papers in the Project Pad, I decided to use them up to create a home decoration. My idea was to make a bunch of paper boxes and turn them into a house or castle shape.

When I arranged all the boxes in place, I adhered gold roofs to the top of the boxes, and decorated them with doors, windows, and stickers from the Project Pad.

I filled the boxes with mini books, cards, and craft supplies, and placed on my daughter’s desk. It is not only a nice little gift to be able to show my daughter but it’s also a useful storage surface and a gorgeous addition to her room.

I’ve got a quick tutorial to share with you, showing how I put this project together.

Cut 9 boxes in different sizes from cardstock papers. Cut 3 pieces of roof shapes using glittered cardstock. Put together the boxes using liquid adhesive or stapler.

If your paper is thin, make the boxes stronger with adding heavy cardstock stripes between the layers to the edges.

Arrange the boxes into a castle shape, add towers and roofs.

Place the boxes to a heavy cardstock background, and draw around the castle.

 Cut out the background, and adhere to the castle to the heavy cardstock background. Adhere a wide cardstock stripe to the bottom of the castle to add more stability. Decorate the castle with stickers and embellishments.

I'm glad to share the cut files of the boxes, towers, and roofs I used to create the Magic Castle. The cut file package contains 8 boxes, 3 roofs and two towers. Please use the photo with the numbers as a guide. Find them in my free cut file bundle, sign up here!

If you enjoy this project, please share on social media, and tag me (@beavalint or #beavalint), I love to see what you create!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today, I hope you have found today’s post inspiring! Be sure to check back this week to see some of our other designers’ projects!

Hey Crate Paper fans, its Bea here with you today! Christmas prep is in full swing over here at Crate Paper blog and I have been so excited to share my new project using the adorable Snowflake collection with you!  Advent calendars are an age-old Christmas tradition that are fun for all ages. Every year, I create a design to put a fresh and fun spin on this classic concept. This year, I came up with this super easy and fun, shadowbox inspired DIY advent calendar. After you’ve assembled this design, fill each window with surprises to be unveiled every day of December.

First, here is a video, so you can see how works the advent calendar, and then the basic assembly of the shadow box and the decoration:

To create the base of the advent calendar, I turned two IKEA Lomviken frames into shadow boxes. Here in Europe, we count 24 days of the advent calendar, but if you need space for one more day, I recommend you to create a pretty paper box and place it next to the calendar.

The next step was to attach tiny paper doors to the tiny boxes. I cut and fold varied paper doors with a left to right or bottom to up openings. I used pom-poms or buttons to create tiny doorknobs.  

Since my children are not so young yet, I didn’t need to hide the surprises. I created paper pockets, vellum bags, and simple paper rings to hold the other presents.

To decorate the windows I used varied embellishments from the gorgeous Snowflake collection. I love the fact that in this collection, the light pink and blue colors coordinate beautifully with the traditional colors, and it’s super easy to mix and match the embellishments with the papers.   

The gorgeous chipboard stickers, ephemera pieces, paper clips, puffy stickers and pretty pine branches  made my advent calendar festive and unique.

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you like my advent calendar idea, and I can inspire you to create your own DIY calendar!

Hi Ladies! To tell the trust, I hadn't planned to create a December Daily album this year, but I hosted a mini album class last weekend in Madrid, and the amazing crafty vibes and inspirational collections that surrounded me inspired to put together a cute DD. I used the gorgeous Wonderland and Milora collection by Lora Bailora. I always loved Lora's colorful bookbinding rings, and I wanted to use them in my mini album. I created a cover for the album and inserted the rings into the heavy cardstock cover base.  

Here is a video, so you can see a flip through of the finished album and then the basic assembly of the base:

I used 2 pieces of 13x13 cm cardboard to create the cover and jointed them with a 13x10 cm corrugated cardboard piece. For the front cover, I cut out a snowflake (diameter is 11 cm) using my Cameo and backed with a transparent sheet. Then, I cut out a circle using a craft knife (diameter is 11 cm) from the heavy cardstock base. I covered the heavy cardstock with the baked patterned paper, and fill the circle hole with sequences and artificial snow. I punched 2 holes on each size, 2 cm from the sides and 2,5 cm distance from each other.

Here is a close up of the pages. I hadn't created all the pages yet, but the album rants enough place for additional pages. I used varied techniques to decorate my pages, like embossing or stitching, and embellishing the pages mostly with die-cuts, and stickers.

I hope I could inspire you with my December Daily album, thanks for stopping by today! 

xo. Bea

Hey Crate Paper fans! Its Bea here and I’m so excited to share my first project using HeyPumpkin collection. Halloween collections are always fun to create with, and Hey Pumpkin is no exception. I love the traditional colors and all the adorably spooky embellishments!

We always celebrate Halloween at least two times (at the school and at our house party), so we have a bunch of photos to document every year. I decided to create the base of our Halloween album in advance, and add the photos later. I wanted to create a really fun and witchy album, so I turned my album into a cute, black reticule.

To do that, I cut a paper box using my cutting machine and added a glittered foam bag buckle. I used the same striped fabric to decorate the album and the paper bag and attached the bag handle to the spine of the mini album.

The size of my album is 4.25x5.25”. I used my favorite album binding technique, the hidden hinges technique. First, I created a chipboard album cover and then I folded hidden hinges to hold the pages. To decorate the cover, I backed a glittered chipboard frame with patterned paper and layered fussy cut houses on the front.  The beautiful puffy stickers with holographic foil accents are one of my favorites in the collection, and I can’t resist adding the lovely cat sticker to the cover. The sparkling rat stickers and chipboard numbers added a special festive touch to the album.

I added a lot of interactive pages, hidden journal tags, and tiny pockets to the album. I decorated the pages mostly with stickers and ephemera pieces. The large orange sequences from the ephemera pack were perfect to fill up the shaker pocket!

As a finishing touch, I added fall leaves and beads to the album ‘handle’. I used my WRMK foil quill to add silver lines to the leaves, and then cut them out using my Silhouette.

The playful form of the album is absolute makes me happy, and I can’t wait to fill the page with our memories. Thanks for joining me today, I hope you’re all inspired to create with this super fun collection!

Hi, Ladies! I have a fun fall decor project to share with you today! We all have beautiful paper leftover from a variety of projects. To keep with a fall theme I decided to create a pumpkin garland, each a different color with some of those fabulous leftover pieces from Slice of Life collection.  Although the patterned paper is not traditional fall colors it still works because I’ve grouped them together with die-cut leaves and attached them with black and white bakers twine.

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the base of the tiny pumpkins from patterned paper (find the free cut file below). To make the tiny pumpkins even more pretty, I added stem and green leaves to them. I attached the leaves to the top of the pumpkin using brass paper fastener. Easy – peasy!

If you don’t have a cutting machine, trim paper stripes, and attach them on the top and the bottom with a brass paper fastener, or use a piece of pipe cleaner to attach them and to create a stem.  I recommend you to make only half pumpkins, because they look better on the wall.

This pumpkin garland home decoration is so easy and fun, a perfect project to be crafty with your children! When you are ready with the pumpkins, attach them using baker’s twine, and place pressed fall leaves or die-cut leaves between them.

Hey Pumpkin decoration | Crate Paper DT

Hello Crate Paper fans! It’s Bea and I’m excited to share my super easy Halloween decoration idea with you today! To be honest, for me the funniest part of preparing Halloween party is creating the decoration! I love playing with orange / black papers and cute embellishments, and literally can’t stop creating banners or centerpieces. This year, I thought it would be fun to welcome my guests with a cute door hanger. All I needed was a stitching hoop and some pieces from the Hey Pumpkin collection.

My idea was to turn the hoop into a pumpkin, so I started my project by backing the stitching hoop with orange patterned paper. Next, I fussy cut a stem out of a cork sheet and adhered to the top of the hoop. I also added leaves and yellow flowers to the top. I cut the 3D flowers out from the Candy Corn patterned paper using my Cameo and attached them with baker twine.

I wanted to create a little Halloween village scene into the loop, so I placed tiny fussy cut houses to the background. I enjoyed so much adding tiny details using foam stickers – like the black cat on the roof - to the village.

I adhered two costumed figures to the center of the scene. They are so adorable!

The glossy puffy stickers make everything so festive and shiny, so I spread some stars around the background, and adhered a bat above the house roofs.

To finish my project, I adhered the ‘Boo to you’ cardstock sticker banner to the top, and added the Happy Halloween sticker to the bottom.

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you felt inspired to create Halloween decoration with a Hey Pumpkin collection to your home.

Hi Crate Paper fans! It’s Bea Valint with you today! It's such an exciting time with the new Maggie Holmes collection being revealed. The gorgeous, elegant, and versatile range of products just makes me want to sit down and create. Today I share my first project using Heritage collection, a tiny mini album about favorite moments of our family life.
First, here is a video, so you can see a flip through of the finished album and then the basic assembly of the base:

The album is 17x9 cm size which I constructed using patterned papers. To create the front cover, I covered the chipboard base with patterned paper and adhered a light ephemera piece to the center. I placed the adorable deer sticker from the chipboard sticker sheet to the right side and added my title to the left with a beautiful glittered butterfly. To create the title, I mixed a chipboard sticker with Family sentiment and gold alphabet stickers. I also added a tiny hand-stitched pattern to the right side to keep the colors in balance.  

To create the spine of the album I used a simple accordion fold to attach all of my pages to, and made it stronger using a piece of ribbon.

Next step is adding pages to the album. I trimmed patterned papers to 8x8 cm. and adhered the papers to the spine using double-sided tape. So quick and easy!

I enjoyed so much filling up my album with photos and beautiful embellishments. I adhered ephemera pieces and stickers to the pages and added machine stitching here and there.

The chipboard stickers in the Heritage collection have a beautiful gold outline, and this inspired me to grab my new Foil Quill tool and create matching pages. I created white pages with gold patterns, and printed some gold vellum leaves also.

I love how this little album turned out! So pretty and playful! I hope you’ve been inspired to document your best family moments in a beautiful and elegant way with Heritage collection. Thanks for reading!

Measures: Chipboard base: 17x9 cm. Patterned paper for the cover: outsize: 20x12,5 cm, inside 16,7x8,7 cm Spine: 2 pieces of patterned paper: 8x16 cm, folded by centimeters. Pages: 8x8 cm.

Hello everybody, thanks for stopping by the Crate Paper blog today! My name is Bea Valint and I have a new mini album to share using the stunning Here and There collection. This mini album is all about our weekend in Seville, Spain – the colors and the theme went together perfectly with Here and There!! 

Two years ago I taught a summer themed mini album online class, and I thought it would be fun to create a new album with following the instructions of my class. I enjoyed so much to watch the videos and put together the album again!

I started the album with creating the cover. I used 2 pieces of heavy cardstock as a base, and I covered them with patterned paper. I attached the covers with clear plastic and red fabric. I also added two pretty tassels to the spine from the collection.

The divided the inner side of the mini album into two parts. I arranged the main pages to the left side of the album and adhered a lot of various pockets to the right. Perfect space to hold additional photos or tiny memorabilia.

This way the mini album became interactive and easily expandable.

The main element of the pocket cluster on the right side is a classic 0.25” deep paper pocket. I placed tourist maps and tickets into the pocket which I collected on our trip. I also put paper envelopes from the ephemera pack into the pocket to hold tiny memorabilia. I adhered a vellum pocket to the left side of the center pocket and a folded paper pocket to the right. To add more interest, I created a shaker card using tulle and attached to the top of pockets as an interactive element.

To create the main pages, I used patterned papers and white cardstock.  I folded the papers in half or in three and tied them together with a ribbon. I adhered the papers to the inner side of the front cover with double-sided tape. I wanted to keep my album clean and simple, so I decorated my album with only a few stickers, ephemera pieces, and washi tapes.

To add title to my album, I backed the glittered alphabet stickers with patterned paper, and arranged them to the center of the cover.

Thanks for joining me today and well done if you made it to the end of this slightly long post! But I hope you’re also inspired to create your own vacation mini album!

Hey everyone, its Bea here today sharing a special project with you as part of Create with youth week here on the Crate Paper blog. Since we are going on a longer holiday trip this year, we thought that it would be fun and useful to create a travel craft supplies holder. We always take craft supplies with us to our trips to keep us busy on the rainy days. A paper bag with a few pockets is a good way to keep the supplies organized, and an easy and enjoyable project to create together with my 10 years old daughter.

To start, we trimmed down chipboard paper to 5x19”, and scored by 5”, 7”, 13”, and 15”. Then, we folded along the lines and covered the front with patterned papers. To create the pockets, we trimmed patterned papers to 10.5” and folded three tiny flaps on both sides. We made 5 pockets in different heights. I attached the first pocket to the chipboard base using double sided tape and then align the next pocket directly onto the first. I repeated the process with all five pockets.

Kitti enjoyed so much to embellish the cover. She adhered fussy cut letters and alphabet stickers to create the title. She also added two tassels and created a cute 3D ornament to decorate her box.

Kitti filled the pockets with her go-to craft supplies. She added papers, adhesive, scissors, threads, stitching background, stickers, crayons, washi tapes.

One more TIP: When we travel with younger kids, the following project is my absolute favorite to make some fun and keep them busy. To create these cute pictures, you only need patterned paper, craft knife, scissors and adhesive. (You can find everything in the craft supplies holder we created above J ) First, draw a fruit to a piece of patterned paper, and cut out using a craft knife. Use it as a stencil, and copy the form to a white background paper.

Then ask the kids to cut tiny paper pieces, and to fill the fruit shape with them. Use a glue pen to keep the paper pieces in place. Align the negative shape to the top, and attach with glue. Super easy kids craft project and the kids will love to cut and glue the paper pieces!

I hope you enjoyed our kids craft projects today! Thank you for stopping by!

Hi, Ladies! I'm up on the Crate Paper blog today with my first project using the fantastic and super cool All Heart collection. When I flipped through the colorful papers and the unique embellishments, I felt I needed to create something fun, easy and youngish, like a junk journal or smash book.

When you start a smash book, the only rule is there are no rules! Just go with the flow, use your creativity and enjoy the process! To start, I grabbed a D-ring album and covered the front and back cover with patterned paper. Then, I covered the spine with a different paper and added washi tape to make my book even more pretty.  To embellish the cover, I just added things that make me happy to see. The sparkling acrylic hearts, the blue tassel, and the silver ampersands are so pretty together! I used black puffy alphas from Sunny Days collection to create the ‘ideas’ title and added a ‘FUN’ chipboard sticker above.

Then, I added an eyelet to the spine using my Crop-A-Dile and attached a metal Ball Chain top hold my DIY pom-pom tassel and some washi tapes.

I also added a pen holder to the back cover using an eyelet and a pink hairband.

To the inner side of the cover, I added a plastic pocket to hold tags, cards, stamps, and other pretty things I might need when I use this book. 

Next step is filling the album with my ideas, plans, thoughts, and creativity. I didn’t want to accurate define for what I use this book, but I created some tabbed divider to give me starting-points. The blue Piece Out paper is one of my favorite from this collection, and I chose it as a background for my first divider. I fussy cut pretty flowers from the Wallflower paper, and to give a white outline, I adhered the flowers to a white paper and fussy cut again. I arranged my photo to the center and adhered the flowers under the photo using foam adhesive. Then, I created a fun title using fussy cut alphas.

Next, I grabbed the Be You paper with those colorful stripes, and machine stitched through all the lines using colorful threads. Then I added the ‘Hey Girl’ glittered chipboard sticker to the center.  So pretty and fun!

This project was a lot of fun to create! I hope it gives you some fun ideas to try with All Heart collection! Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Sunday! Yesterday I had a fantastic, crafty day with my friends! We wanted to create a surprise for our friend's Birthday party and created a rainbow cake using my Birthday Cake mini album cut file. 

We added four pages to each cake and filled them one by one with our fave memories.

Hello everybody, thanks for stopping by today! I have a new mini album to share. This mini album is all about my favorite moments at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea from last year. I’m an absolutely ‘summer type’ girl, and feel like this collection is just made for me! The beautiful bright colors and the lovely summer-themed embellishments go hand-in-hand!

Check out this short & sweet process video so you can see how this mini album came together:

The album is a 4.5″x6″ size which I constructed using patterned papers. To create the spine of the album I used a simple accordion fold to attach all of my pages to, and made it stronger using plastic sheet and ribbon.

I wanted to keep my album playful and interactive, so I trimmed my pages in different sizes, and added a lot of tiny extra pages to the main pages.

My plan was to put one photo on each page and place my journaling behind the photo using a journaling tag. To do this, I turned all pages into a pocket by folding the papers in half and machine-stitched them around. I used these paper pockets as main pages for my album.

The pages above are some of my favorites in this album. I love the combination of the Sunkissed and Apple patterned paper, so I fussy cut some flowers and adhered them to the blue background. I also used a 3x4″ piece of the Apple paper to create a journaling tag and placed into the page pocket.

I love getting our photos off the computer and into something that can be touched and flipped through!  I hope you are inspired to document your memories into a mini album. Thanks for stopping by!

Hello Ladies! Who’s excited for Valentine’s Day? I am, and I have a fun decoration project to share with you today! Creating a Valentine's mailbox is one of our favorite Valentine's crafting projects every year. I used to put the pretty bags on the shelves of our kids. The tiny boxes look so pretty and festive, and my kids could collect all their precious little notes & candies into them. 

I started my project by selecting patterned papers and then, I cut out the bags with my silhouette machine.

Find the cut filr in my cut file bundle, here you can sign up for free access.

I used double sided tape to adhere the edges of the bag. Then, I punched holes into the handles and attach them to the top of the bag using brads. It’s super easy and fun!

When finished, I started to decorate the cute bags. I added ephemera pieces and cardstock stickers to the front and created a large paper bow to make them even more pretty.

Of course, I also created tiny surprises for my kids to put into their bags. I made fortune cookies, cards, envelopes for treats, heart banners and décor sticks using a paper straw and shaker stickers for them.

I can't wait to make more of these for our Valentine’s Day celebration! Thank you for stopping by! I hope you are inspired to give it a try.

Hello, Ladies! I was always that kind of 'list maker' type... I start thinking about the things I have to do as soon as I wake up and am constantly adding to my lists throughout the day. I have weekly lists, daily lists, prioritized daily lists, to-do eventually lists, list of things I need to buy, list of books I need to read, list of exercises I need to do, recipes I need to try or cook again, packing lists within my travel planning list, a bucket list broken down by year, etc.

But the bunch of lists was so difficult to follow, and I needed to find a new way to keep them organized and easy to follow. 

I created six tiny booklets in size 4x4" to organize my lists.

The WRMK bookbinding tool helped me to stitch them together in minutes with colorful thread. One tiny booklet for each topic.

To keep the booklets together, I created a journal styled cover in size 4.5"x8.5". First I covered the heavy cardstock base with patterned paper and adhered a handmade patchwork piece of fabric to decorate the spine. 

Then I added 6 eyelets using my Crop-A-Dile tool in different colors. Two pieces to the top, two pieces to the center, two pieces to the bottom of the spine. To insert the eyelets into the middle of the spine, I punched holes into the chipboard base before adding the patterned paper cover. Then I used scissors to poke holes into the paper, and my Fiskars eyelets setter to insert the eyelets. I pulled an elastic band through the holes and inserted the booklets. 

I can't wait to use this fun journal to keep my life organized, and hope you are inspired to create something like that! Don't forget to tag me on your project, I can't wait to see your version!! Thanks for stopping by! Bea

Hey friends, its Bea here and I have a cute and super-fast Valentine’s Day gift idea to share with you today. I love making mini albums and love surprise my beloved ones with handmade gifts. And what’s better than adding a tiny mini book as a gift?

My idea was to create a tiny accordion album, then add a favorite photo of us, a customized Valentine’s Day greeting and a little surprise like a piece of chocolate, theater tickets, cute keyrings etc. I started my project with trimming down a 3” wide paper stripe from a 12x12 patterned paper, and score lines by 2.75”, 5.5”, 8.25”, 9.25”. Then I folded along the lines to create an accordion mini album. Easy-peasy.

Next, I made paper pockets to create space for tiny gifts and tags. Another way to add the gift to the album is cutting two slits into the paper using crafts knife and adding a ribbon. Then put the chocolate into a tiny package and attach to the album with the ribbon.  

I used two different techniques to add my journaling. First I printed out my message, trimmed into strips and adhered to a tag. Then I placed the tag into a pocket.  In the other case, I handwrote my message and placed the journaling tag behind an ephemera piece. I attached the ephemera piece only on the top, this way it became an interactive page with hidden journaling.

When finished, I adhered the photo to the album and embellished the albums with stickers, sequences, ephemera pieces.

These tiny gifts were so much fun to create! I hope you have enjoyed this idea here on the blog. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Hello everyone! Its Bea here today, and I’m sharing some fun gift wrapping ideas. Creating pretty packaging has always been a favorite craft time for me in December! I believe adding handmade touches to any present makes it even more special.

Due to Merry Days collection has gift wrap papers and tags, it’s pretty easy to create fancy packaging for the presents! I always start my process by gathering all the supplies I need. Wrapping papers, ribbons, washi tapes, ephemera pieces, stickers, pom-pom maker and more…

My packaging process was mostly the same for each box, I just changed the color scheme or the materials. Ones I had everything I needed, I covered the presents with wrapping paper and tied around with ribbon, raffia or thread.  

I then created tags to go with them. For the pink wrapping paper, I chose dark green patterned paper with touches of red. I cut a banner and layered cardstock sticker with a red sticker label on the top. The white pom-pom is a cute addition on the design, and it can be used as an ornament after opening the gift.

I have one more packaging idea for you today! Around this time of the year, I love to surprise my colleagues, teachers etc. with handmade presents too.  This year, I decided to give these cute little house boxes filled with handmade chocolate, and I hope they will like them!

These boxes are very easy and fast to assemble. They are opening on the top, and the best thing is when the chocolate was gone, the little house becomes a cute Christmas ornament!

Here is the template of the gift box.

All you need to do is download and print out the template, cut around the shapes and draw around on patterned paper. Next step is folding the edges and adhere the parts with double-sided tape. Visit Crate Paper Instagram Stories to see the full tutorial.

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you felt inspired by these simple and easy packaging ideas and will give it a try!

Hello, Ladies! I'm up on the American Crafts blog to share a holiday–themed layout inspiration! Even though American Crafts doesn’t have a dedicated Christmas collection this year, there are plenty of versatile supplies over the brand to do the job! I looked for a green-red-gold color scheme for my layout, and I was so glad when I found this classic color scheme in the new Head in the Clouds collection by Shimelle.

I started my layout with cutting a Christmas wreath from white cardstock using my Cameo. Then, I backed each of the leaves and berries with patterned papers.

I chose the ‘Bloom in Adversity’ paper as my background. I cut out a circle from the center of the paper using a cutting machine and backed the circle with a shaker background. To create the shaker pocket, I drew the big circle to a white cardstock, spread star sequences, and placed a vellum to the top. I machine-stitched the papers together. Then, I adhered the shaker pocket to the back of the green-striped paper.

I added the ‘Believe in magic’ title using glittered foam stickers from the collection. I love to use round photos on my layouts, and this time my idea was to turn the round photo into a Christmas ornament. To do that, I cut a circle out of gold glittered paper from the 12x12 paper pad, and placed behind my photo. I also cut a hanger from the paper and used thread to ‘hang’ the ornament. And you can’t have a Christmas layout without a little bling so I couldn’t resist placing some more of the glittered stickers around the wreath. This helped add some more sparkle to the page.

For a finishing touch, I die cut a bow from the red ’She’s a Wildflower’ paper and placed the bow to the top of the wreath. So pretty!

I hope you’ve been inspired today to use collections in a different way! What can you create with the Head in the Clouds or with any other American Crafts collections that are outside the box?

Hello, crafty friends! Today I'm sharing a fun mini-album technique using the brand new Jen Hadfield Banner Punch Board. To be honest, nothing inspires me more than a new crafty tool! I love to challenge my creativity and find unique ways to use them! This time I was lucky enough to get the chance to try out this pretty, pink Banner Punch board by Pebbles and Jane!

This tool is so versatile and useful, you can make banners in 30 different shapes and sizes in no time! Plus it has a hole punch built into it!

I love to decorate our home with banners for special events like birthday party, New Year Eve or Holiday season. 

And there is only one thing, that could be more fun than creating a banner... creating a mini album with banner-shaped pages! This way you can use your pages as a regular mini album insert, but you can also use them as a banner and display on your wall! It's easy-peasy!

I started my project by creating a cover for my mini album. I used my recent favorite holiday collection, the Merry Days by Crate Paper. I trimmed three heavy cardstock pieces into 3X5.5", 1.5x5.5", 4x5.5", and covered them with patterned paper. I added red baker twine for closure the album and also added a red fabric piece to the spine. I adhered the gold 'Christmas' puffy sticker to the spine as my title.

I punched two holes to the top of the back cover and placed bookbinding rings into them. I trimmed patterned papers and photos using the Banner Punch Board, decorate them with stitching, stickers and ephemera pieces. 

In case we haven't decorated our home for Holiday yet, I put the pages into the album and enjoyed the photos by flipping through the pages. 

I love the fact that it will take only a minute for me to remove the pages and create a banner from them using a thread. It will be a nice decoration for our living room in December. 

I hope I could inspire you to give a try to this super fun tool, and create a bunch of banners to decorate your home! Thank you for stopping by! Bea

Hey everyone! Today I'm sharing my new project with the gorgeous Merry Days collection. December is the most wonderful time of the year, and I love to document those cozy days in a mini album. Since December is full of programs, I used to prepare the base of the album in advance.

First, here is a video so you can see a flip through of the album base and then the basic assembly of the cover and the pages:

This year I chose a traditional form for my album. The size of the cover is 6.50”x8.50” which I build using chipboard paper and fabric.  I decorated the front with journaling card and placed beautiful gold spine branch stickers behind. I placed the cute red car from the cardstock sticker sheet to the wreath and also added the red star decorative clip. I love the hanging stars in this collection, and can’t resist stitching a smaller one to the spine of the album with a red paper label. Just perfect!

I created a vellum pocket to the inner cover. I printed a ‘December Photo a Day’ list and placed the list into the pocket with some tags. It will be a helpful reminder to document all the important details of the season.

To attach the pages to the spine, I use the hidden hinges technique. I divided the hinges into two-part, and attach two 4”x6” pages to both of them. I enjoy so much decorating this paper size, and I have enough pages to document even every day in December! 

To add more pages and interest to the album, I attach additional pages to the basic page. To do this I used various materials like vellum, tulle, and papers.

I like writing long-long stories about my children, so I created pockets from the base pages – I adhered only three edges and left the top open - and put journaling cards inside. I trimmed the Stockings cut apart sheet into pieces and attached the date to the journaling cards using a sampler.

Merry Days collection has many gorgeous and festive ephemera pieces which are perfect for adding to the album as a tiny extra page. I used a piece of cardstock to attach a gold glittered card, isn’t it just so pretty?

I like the fact the whole album is very interactive and possibilities are endless if I want to expand it! I can attach more additional pages, adhere envelopes, die-cuts, shaker cards, etc. to the base. I can decorate the pages with stitching, add sequences, or heat embossing. Photos can be added not only to the pages, but even to the journaling cards or I just put them into the pockets if I don’t want to display all of them.

Thanks for stopping by today, I can’t wait to show you my finished album at the end of December! I hope you’re inspired to create your own December Days album this Christmas!

Hey everyone! Its Bea here and I’m so excited to share my first layout made with the new Head in the Clouds collection by Shimelle. This new line is so sweet and pretty, perfect for many themes and the cute images make everything magical!

The first thing that caught my eye in this collection was the beautiful flower images. The roses on the ‘Moonlight and Roses’ paper are just begging to be fussy cut out so I grabbed scissors and fussy cut out all the gorgeous flowers.  I wanted to document my recent favorite photo of my daughter and me, and I was very happy when I found out that the pink roses fit perfectly fit my pink dress!

I chose the ‘Fairy Tale Photos’ paper as my background and arranged my photo to the center. Then I scattered the roses all around the page and adhered them using dimensional adhesive. To add more interest, I grabbed my fringe scissors with white tissue paper and layered fringes behind the photo.  I used my silver Moxy glitter glue to add sparkling details to some roses.

There are many fairy tale images in this collection like mermaids and dragons. I couldn’t resist adding that cute frog sticker to my layout, he’s so sweet in his gold crown! I also adhered glittered dots around the sticker, they are just breathtaking, don’t you think? I felt I needed to add a frame to my page so I adhered a piece of washi tape to the bottom and hand stitch through the edges on the top and the left side of the layout. I also added white and rose beads to my stitching, I just love the dimension they added. I finished my layout with adding the ‘Adventure’ ephemera piece as my title to the top right corner.   

Thanks for stopping by today! Happy crafting! 

Hello everyone! It’s Bea here with you today sharing two different ways to use chipboard stickers in mini album projects!

Chipboard stickers are one of my favorite embellishment and I feature them regularly on my scrapbooking project. Due to the size of these stickers, using them in mini albums can be challenging sometimes. Let me show you my favorite types of mini album where you can use chipboard stickers without being your album too bulky.

In my first project, I used the blue house from the Willow Lane chipboard sticker sheet as the base of my album and created a tiny Coptic book. The chipboard stickers are hard enough to become a perfect cover for a Coptic book and I love the cute house pages!  

I started my album with trimming the pages and the back cover. I used the negative part of the sticker as a template.

To create the pages, I placed the template on the top of a half-folded patterned paper and cut around the shapes.  I stacked the 8 pages with the covers on the top of each other. Using a ruler, I marked the place of the stitching with a pencil. I used an awl to make holes through the pages where I have marked with the pencil. I grabbed a colored thread and started to stitch together the pages. There are a lot of video tutorials about this technique on YouTube (I've learned from this video), I encourage you to give a try!

Thanks for joining me today, I hope you’re all inspired on your next project! Happy crafting!

Hello, Ladies! I have a fun mini album technique for you! One-ring albums were always my faves, but this time I added a special cover to my album which also can be used as a mini album stand. 

First, here is a video so you can see a flip through of the finished album and then the basic assembly of the cover :

I started by creating the cover using heavy cardstock base, patterned paper, and clear plastic sheet. Then, I punched one hole into the front and one into the back, and added eyelets using my Crop-A-Dile tool. With this technique, I can turn out the cover and place back the mini album to the top. So easy and fun!

Here is what the mini album looks completely open on the album stand.

For the embellishments, I combed through the Chipboard stickers, Ephemera pieces, and cardstock stickers to find tiny images and little bits and pieces to layer over each page and added sequences and ribbons to create interest and pops of color & fun.

I love the glittered elements in the Hooray collection. They are so shiny and festive! Perfect for documenting some sweet photo of my daughter who turned 6 those days.

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you are inspired to create a fun and colorful mini album!

Hello, Ladies! I love getting together with friends and family each year when the seasons are changing and enjoy decorating my home for the occasion. Greet your guests this autumn with a fancy banner decoration hanging on your front door. 

To create this banner, I grabbed patterned papers and cut out a banner shape. Then I mixed and matched the Cheerful and the Picnic alphabet stickers to add the ‘Happy fall y’ all’ sentiment. I machine-stitched the stickers to the background because I wanted to be sure that they didn’t fall down from the banner.  Next, I chose a grey fabric, cut out two hangers and a banner shape and stitched them to the back of my paper banner. I also added a pom-pom ribbon to the bottom.

For embellishing, I adhered a girl from the sticker sheet. She looks like a picnicker who collects colorful autumn-leaves into her basket. I also cut colorful leaves from patterned paper using my die cut machine. I added gold stitching and arranged them under the girl’s feet.

I just love the pretty thread bows in this collection. They have perfect colors for a fall themed project. I used a paper straw and bakers twine for holding my banner, and I tied three bows to the left side of the twine. The final step was to create a little cluster to the top right of the banner using stickers and die cut leaf.

Here is another version for this banner stíled decoration:

I love the way it turned out! I hope I could inspire you to create decoration using your scrapbooking supplies! Thank you for stopping by! 

Hello dear Ladies! It's ‘Stitching’ week, and I’m bringing you a new layout created with the gorgeous Field Notes collection.

This time my inspiration came from the ‘Collect moments’ sentiment from the sticker sheet. This title brought me to our unforgettable summer memories and a favorite photo of my sister-in-law and me. Here is the layout I created:

I’ve found a big globe cut file that I cut out from white cardstock. I spent some time piercing holes around the globe and then did a chain link stitch through the holes using several shades of green and blue thread. But this stitched detail is not the only one I added to my layout! I also add cross stitching when I adhered the title around the globe, the stitching helped me to hold in place the stickers.

Then I got messy! I rarely use acrylic paint on my layouts, but this time I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone. I love the beautiful shades of pink, mint and yellow in Vicki’s acrylic paint sets, and wanted to use them all on my background. I mixed the acrylic paints with matte acrylic gel medium, this makes the paint smoother and a little bit transparent. I then grabbed a white cardstock from Vicki’s mixed media art paper pad and started to paint big splashes all over the paper. To be honest, I didn’t know exactly what was I doing, I just went with the flow… but I think you can’t go wrong with those beautiful colors!  

Once it dried, I adhered the globe to the background using foam tape. The Field Notes collection is jam-packed with beautiful flower die-cuts, and I couldn’t resist using them all for embellishing my page. I bent up the edges of the flowers and layered them under the globe.

I placed the photo on the right side of the globe. I then created two clusters using journaling cards and die-cuts and added cardstock stickers under the photo and around the stitching.

I hope this gives some fun ideas to try on your next layout! It’s so much fun creating your own background with mixed media stuff! Give it a go next time! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful scrappy weekend!

Happy weekend, Ladies! I have a new mini album to share today using the gorgeous Willow Lane collection by Maggie Holmes. I don't know about you, but I love to display my mini albums on my desk and flip through the pages over and over again.

This time I used an old picture frame to hold my album, I just punched two holes in the back and added two big bookbinder rings. It's a so easy way to display your mini album!   

I then trimmed the pages, and added my photos and embellishments! Willow Lane collection is so soft and pretty, perfect for many themes! I embellished my pages with stickers, die-cuts and decorative trim. I chose the 'Days spent with you are my favorite.' sentiment as my title, placed it on a tag and embellished with paper fringe and sequence flower. 

Here are the pages of the album:     

I hope you enjoyed my mini album inspiration today! Thanks for stopping by! Bea

Hi Ladies! Have you ever been to a craft club at your friends or host a crop yourself? One of my favorite things in the world is to get together with my girlfriends and work on scrapbooks.

It's a great opportunity for friendly conversation, artistic inspiration, as well as a time to be productive. When I invite my friends to a crop, I always start with choosing the project we will create together. I usually choose something that doesn’t require special equipment or scrapbook supplies, and my guests can use their stash to create the project in your own style.

In my experience, the star of the scrapbooking clubs is always mini album! They are so fun to put together and when we are ready with the base, we could fill them with photos later at home.

This flip book is a good sample of our craft club projects.

To create this flap book, start with gathering the supplies you would like to use. I decided to use the beautiful Willow Lane collection and picked a cardstock, patterned papers, ephemera pieces and some standouts for my album.

Next, trim the cover and the pages. Use cardstock to create the cover. I used the gold foiled specialty cardstock from the collection, its strong enough to be used as a cover.  The size of the cover is 6x8½”. Fold the cover by 4 ½“ and 5 ¼ “.  Then trim 6 pieces of pattern paper for the pages in size 4x3”. Score every page by ¼” on the top. If you want to use ribbon to keep close your album, cut an extra piece of paper in size 4 ½x6”. Adhere this paper to the inside of the cover, and place the ribbon between them. Adhere the pages to the inside back of the cover. Use double sided tape on the top and align them underneath each other.

The right side of the album is so easy to create! The journaling ephemera pack contains pretty paper pockets which are perfect to create an interactive surface to your mini album. To add a touch of fun of my album, I folded in half a paper pocket and adhered horizontally into the album.

Finally, I spiced up the spine of the cover with washi tape and added a cute pom-pom from the standouts sheet.

I hope you enjoyed my flipbook tutorial, and I could inspire you to invite your friends and create a fun scrapbook project that makes the event something for your guests to remember.

Hello Ladies! I'm so excited to share a super sparkling card trio with the new Moxy collection by American Crafts. I don't know about you but I will admit I squealed with delight when I saw this new collection! This line contains everything you need for a fun and outstanding project!

When I started my cards, I was immediately drawn to the rainbow color Moxy glitter pack. I decided to create a colorful background for my card and I used as many colors as I just could! I drew a geometric design to a white card base with pencil and used masking tape to isolate an area on the card. I applied white glue on the surface, sprinkled glitter around and let it dry. I repeated the process until the whole card was covered with glitter.

The second card is so fun and easy to create! I divided into three parts the background and added pink glitter to the top and white glitter to the bottom part. I then mixed the pink glitter with the white and added that mix to the center part of the card. I love how the soft ombré design turned out! For embellishing I used Moxy stickers which I colored with glitter before I added to the card.  

My final card began with punching circles from white cardstock. I covered them with glitter, bent up the edges and I adhered to a white card base.  

I've got a lot of ideas with this sparkling collection, can't wait to show you more! 

Thank you for stopping by! Have a nice, scrappy weekend!

Hello everyone! It’s kid’s craft week on the American Crafts blog and I’m so excited to share with you a fun project that my daughter created with me for this occasion! Spending time with my kids and playing with pretty papers means double pleasure for me! I love to see how my kids challenge their creativity by trying new techniques and ideas every time!

We just started thinking about our project, when my daughter asked me to buy a new case for her pink sunglasses. I immediately knew that this would be the perfect project for us! Paper cases or purses are so fun to create, and they are great to store tiny things at summer time! As my daughter’s favorite characters are unicorns and mermaids, I immediately knew that she would be so happy to use the Stay Colorful collection by Dear Lizzy. The pretty colors and cute icons are perfect for any kid’s craft projects!

We started with cutting the base of the purses. I cut a simple template using my cutting machine, and my daughter drew it around to make three purse bases from pattern papers. I absolutely adore how she paid effort in folding them as neatly as possible.

When finished, she started the best part of the process, the embellishing! She found a lot of cute things from the collection to decorate the front of the purses. She chose tiny puffy stickers, layered stickers, acrylic shapes and ephemera pieces.

She also asked her plastic needle and ribbon to stitch around the edges. I absolutely adore her concentration to make her purses pretty!

To add more fun, Kitti created handles for the purses using beads and embroidery floss.

This project was so much fun to create, and we had a great crafty time together with my daughter! I hope you are inspired to create one or more with your kids! Happy crafting!

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to share my first project using the breathtaking Shine On collection by Amy Tangerine. I love the magical colors and delightful embellishments, this collection can be used in so many themes, so many possibilities!  

The first thing that jumped out at me from this stunning collection was the amazing Card Kit with the fun shaped cards! My idea was to use them as mini album pages, and tried to find the best mini album form for them! 

I ended up by choosing a Rolodex styled album, but I wanted to create it in a fun, DIY way. I drew a cut file for the box and the tags in Silhouette Studio, grabbed a  ribbon and two pieces of paper straws, and I was ready to fill my pages with my memories! You will find the downloadable cut files and a short tutorial below.

My plan was to create a 'Summer Bucket List' album, put it on my table and fill the pages from time to time with the current summer photos. To start, I cut a lot of tags using several patterned papers. I decorated the tags with washi tapes, stickers and die cuts. Paper clips in this collection are brilliant! I couldn't resist using them on my pages! I also created decor clips using the lovely puffy hearts and rolled flowers. I filled some pages already with photos but left some of them empty for upcoming events.  

 To create this mini album, all you need is patterned paper + ribbon + two paper straws. I die cut the box cut file from patterned paper using my Silhouette Cameo, folded the sides like an IKEA box. I then added the two paper straws using a piece of ribbon. Its so easy!  🙂

Find the cut file of the box + the pages in my cut file bundle, here you can sign up for free.

Hello, and welcome back! Today I'm sharing a really fun technique for creating animated cards. I enjoy making cards with unique designs. I feel like it makes the card stand out from store-bought cards. When I saw the animation die cut sets from Motion Crafts and American Crafts, I wanted to try them all immediately! There is a wide range of shapes and themes of the stamps and cards, this time I chose the butterfly and the heart shapes to create with.

Here is a short video about my process, but you can watch a lot of tutorial on Motion Crafts YouTube Channel as well! 


These stamp designs have fun playful themes and tried to create bright and fun cards to match. I chose the lovely Sunshine and Good Times collection by Amy Tangerine. I used patterned paper as my background and incorporated the animated elements with ephemera pieces and stickers.

These cards were so much fun to create, I hope I could inspire you to add animated elements to your next card or layout! Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome back! I’m so happy that the most beautiful season of the year is finally here, colorful flowers are all around. Let’s get this week started with a spring themed layout!

Before I even had a photo picked out for this page, I knew I wanted to use Vicky Boutin acrylic paint to tint my background. I tried a couple of different things to get the colors I wanted. What worked to get a soft and pastel background is white gesso. I mixed some of the colored acrylic paint with white gesso, and painted swatches and flicked splotches across a Vicki Boutin mixed media paper with a thick brush.

Once, I had my background, I decided to add a little sparkle using Vicki Boutin gold glitters. I added some glaze right over the butterfly stencil and spread different gold glitter on the top.

I found a cute photo of my daughter from last year, I cut it in a circular shape and adhered to the center of the page.

The soft-colored patterned papers from Stay Colorful collection by Dear Lizzy fit perfectly to the background color scheme. I fussy cut a bunch of flowers from the Far Out Paper, bent up the edges and layered them diagonally using dimensional adhesive.

I also fussy cut some flowers from the vellum paper with gold accents, they look so pretty with the glittered butterflies. I felt I needed a little bit more dimension to my layout, so I arranged die-cut branches and cardstock stickers around the flowers.

I created my title from the pretty glittered alpha stickers and the gold  ’hello’ ephemera piece.

I love the mixture of mixed media and traditional scrapbooking elements on this layout. I hope this gives you some ideas to try with your mixed media stuff! Thanks for stopping by! Bea

Hello, dear Ladies! My mother always loves to get something handcrafted, and I try to surprise her with new ideas every year! This year I decided to create a teeny-tiny mini album for her that she can easily put in her purse, take everywhere and use as a keychain!

Sunshine & Good Times is my go-to collection for making mini albums, and I wanted to focus on the soft aspects of this line. To create the cover, I trimmed two pieces of heavy cardstock in size 1,5x2” and covered them with light blue Shine Bright paper. I connected them with a piece of striped fabric and adhered a magnet to the back of the front cover. Using magnets to keep close the mini album is one of my favorite technique so far! I placed another magnet between two pieces of pink felt, stitched them together with a ribbon and adhered a pretty flower sticker to the top.

The inner pages of the album have an easy pullout form. I trimmed three different patterned paper stripes, adhered them in line and folded by every 1,25”. I filled the album with family photos and embellished the pages with stickers from the Amy Tangerine sticker book.

I added my journaling to hidden tags, and also asked my daughter to draw a tiny drawing of her and her grandmother. I know my mom will love this tiny surprise from her grandchild!

My second gift idea is a super easy home decoration I created using many different Alpha stickers and paper flowers. I found this lovely quote on Pinterest, and thought that it would be a lovely gift for my mom.

I cut out an oval shape from the Shine Bright patterned paper and backed with a striped Sweetness paper. I created the title using 7 different alphabet stickers and surrounded them with a bunch of beautiful white paper flower.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I wish all the fabulous 'moms' out there a Happy Mother's Day!

Hello and welcome back! I’m so excited that this week we’re celebrating Mothers at the Crate Paper blog! Being a mom is all about family, and Mother’s day is a great time for creating a mini album about me being a Mom and a daughter. I used the beautiful Flourish collection by Maggie Holmes to document our most favorite family photos from last year.

This mini album is so easy to create, and filling the pockets with tags and photos is really fun! When I gathered all the supplies, I started to construct the base.

The cover is made from the Songbird paper, I trimmed 12x9 section and simply folded up the bottom to create pockets.  I adhered a tag ‘With Love’ as the title, added an ephemera flower with gold leaves to the top and the album is tied shut with ribbon.

I then created some tags for holding photos and journaling. Layering has always been my favorite technique. It definitely gives a lot of depth to my project. On the left side, I incorporated ephemera pieces, gold alphabet stickers and puffy stickers on my tag. On the right, I used the beautiful rose gold vellum sheet as the base of the tag and embellished with stickers and paper clip.

I decided to add hand stitched details to my album to make it more personal. I decorated the flowers with French knot stitching and the top of the pockets with Chain stitching. I also added a tiny piece of the gold decorative trim.

I placed photos, tags into the pockets, and finished my album with adding my journaling.

Do you have any scrapbooking traditions for documenting Mother’s Day? I hope you’ve found some inspiration in today’s post for your next project!

Hi everyone! I’m so happy to share a little tour of my scrap area! I’ve got a corner in the room where my craft table is set up, overlooking the rest of my children play area.

To be honest, nowadays there is more space for LEGO than for scrap supplies… My crafty space feels a lot like me…not super organized and always “in progress”. My computer, printer, stitching machine and my Silhouette Cameo are at the top of my list of “must have” items for my projects. I print all my photos at home and can’t imagine a layout without some die cut letters or shapes. 

I have a shelf and a magnet board behind me that I always fill with my current favorite layouts and mini albums. On the shelf next to me are my “in progress” or “it will soon be in progress” photos and inspiring pictures. It always reminds me that I have so many things yet to do!

The most essential stuff like scissors, paper trimmers, brushes, etc. are in my IKEA raskog to always keep them handy. I keep the bits and pieces from the scrapbooking collections in square plastic storage boxes with divided trays. I like to take everything out of its packaging and tip everything out before I get started. This way I can see all of my stuff and find the perfect elements.

I love decorating my little corner with my DIY projects, it creates a personalized space perfectly embracing who I am. I store my photo backgrounds in rolls, next to my table.

The sight of the products always inspires me to create. I have a pegboard and a four-cube unit from IKEA in front of my desk, and I arranged all my Vicki Boutin mixed media stuff on the shelves. These lovely colors make me so happy and encourage me to create more mixed media layouts!

My craft room is always open… I create things together with my kids, sometimes friends, but never with my husband... he just enjoy the results 🙂 And finally, this is my view from my room in wintertime… this is my happy place, for sure!

Thank you so much for stopping by to see my room reveal today! Bea

Happy weekend Friends! I shared some Easter decoration ideas on the American Crafts blog this week. Decorating a small spot at my house is always fun!

All I needed for this decoration was the new Dear Lizzy Stay Colorful collection. This collection has lovely, fresh colors and cute icons, just perfect for a spring themed decoration.

To be honest, I didn’t have a concrete plan when I started the decoration. I just wanted to create some pretty things that came to me. Treat boxes, pinwheels, flower banners, painted eggs, rosettes, clouds… everything that makes us happy at Easter.

I started the decoration with creating huge rosettes using patterned paper. I bent the papers in inches, adhere them using a hot glue gun, and punched big circles to decorate their center. When finished, I started to create a pretty flower banner. I used my trusty scissors to fussy cut flowers and leaves from the Funkadelic paper and machine stitched them align. I also created a ‘Hoppy Easter’ banner using alphabet stickers.

I can’t resist creating some pinwheels using colorful patterned paper. The glittered acrylic shapes are so pretty at the center of the pinwheels.

Have you spotted the lovely unicorn eggs? To create them, I painted some plastic eggs using Vicki Boutin acrylic paint and added glittered horn, flowers and rub-on transfer eyes from the Unicorn Easter Egg Kit. They are just adorable! I used tear-away stripes to create paper rings for bases.

The treat boxes are my children’s favorite, of course. I cut the boxes using my Silhouette Cameo and decorated them with ephemera pieces. I jazzed up the Easter basket with a pretty tear-away strip and a cute bow.

Here are some close-ups just because they are so pretty to look at J

I absolutely love how colorful is this Easter decoration and hope you’ll give this project a try!  Happy Easter crafting friends! Bea

Flipbooks are so much fun to create! Especially if you can fill them with your stories and photos right on your holiday! This year, I decided to create my summer flipbook in advance and take it with me on our vacation. It will be so much fun to fill the pages and tags with stories, add photos, and put memorabilia in the pockets during our holiday. 

Using the Box of Crayons collection by Shimelle adds such a unique flair and interest to the pages and pockets with the bright and cheerful papers and embellishments. 

The size of the album fit the pages of the 6"x8" writing Paper Pad. They are the base of the album, I added them to the back cover using two small album rings. On the left side, I created varied pockets and filled them with tags, journaling cards, and embellishments! Box of Crayons collection is jam-packed with lovely stickers, patches, paper clips, washi tapes... everything you need to create a stellar mini album!

To create the cover, I trimmed two pieces of hard cardstock and gilded them with gold glittered paper from the 12x12 paper pad.  I also trimmed two narrow paper pieces from the shiny dotted specialty paper of the collection, placed a pink ribbon between them, and adhered them between the covers to create a spine. I then adhered gold elastic string to the back cover and stitched a button to the front to keep the album closed.

Here are some close-ups of the pockets and pages 🙂

This flipbook was so much fun to create, I can't wait to fill the pages with our memories! I hope I could inspire you to create a flipbook and take it with you on your next vacation! Thank you so much for stopping by! Bea

Hello Girls! If you are like me, you find creating a home decoration for Easter as enjoyable as painting eggs. I can’t imagine Easter without some colorful and bright handmade décor and the new Maggie Holmes Flourish collection is perfect for dress up your home!

My idea was to create some pretty flower cones to decorate our living room and started the process with gathering all the supplies I needed for my project.

To create the base of the cones, I adhered a 12x12” patterned paper around a paper horn using strong double-sided adhesive. I put plastic foil and floral foam in the paper horn and stuck flowers into the foam.

It was so easy to create accessories to decorate the cones, I just needed to incorporate some of the beautiful Flourish embellishments. 

I used embellishments like an oval wood frame, decorative trim and cute stickers to add some sweet little details to my decorative piece.

To add a touch of gold to the wood frame I used gold glitter glue on the pattern. I also created a paper rosette using patterned paper from the 6x8 paper pad, and placed behind the ‘All things grow with love’ cardstock sticker. The addition of pieces like these really add a lot of pop to my décor piece and give it a more dimensional and festive feel!

This flower cone was so super-fast and easy to make! I hope you enjoyed this Easter décor idea and that I have inspired you to make something like this using the Flourish collection to decorate your home this year!

Hello friends! I finished a new layout about our best moments from 2017 featuring the Here & There collection from Crate Paper

As soon as I saw the Express Paper with the calendar design, I knew I had to use it on a layout. My idea was to add a photo for each month, and this way I could showcase the most precious memories of the whole year! 

I printed out eleven tiny photos and arranged them for the relevant months. Here & There collection contains cheerful and fun embellishments, they are perfect for travel memories. I love the colors so much and wanted to use all the colors on my layout!

To do this, I layered patterned paper behind the photos using several papers from the 6x6 paper pad.  I embellish my photos with cardstock sticker, puffy stickers, rub-on and ephemera pieces. 

I created my title from cardstock stickers and numbers from the sticker sheet. I love to use the roller stamp on my project. I stamped phrases and words here and there. 

This layout was so much fun to create! I hope this has inspired you to use more photos on your next layout, and document your memories with Here & There collection! Thanks for joining me today, Bea.

Hello, I'm back with a new layout I created for Paige Evans + Silhouette design team. I always wanted to try out my Silhouette sketch pens!
There are many possibilities to use them in scrapbooking projects! When I saw this beautiful 'Flower Garden Background' cut file ( ID: 221367 ) I immediately know that it will be perfect for using sketch pens!

I drew around the shapes in groups and changed pens from time to time. For adding more interesting my page, I cut out a few shapes using KNife instead of sketch pen and backed the shapes with patterned paper. 

Placed my photo in the center, layered a rounded piece of vellum behind, and aligned my title around the photo. Its so easy to create and the result is absolutely unique! Hope my layout inspired you to use sketch pens with your Paige Evans cut files

Hi everyone! I'm here with a new layout I created featuring the Pink Paislee – Paige Evans – Turn the Page – Paper 2 beautiful floral patterned paper and lovely Turn the page puffy stickers included in the September 2017 kits.

I started my layout with choosing the Pink Paislee – Paper 7 as my background and drew a big heart with a pencil to the paper. I cross-stitched around the left side of the heart with pink thread.  I fussy cut a bunch of them and layered the flowers with some ephemera pieces to the right side of the heart. Love how the colors pop out from the grey background, just beautiful!

Arranged my photo to the center line, and added my journaling to a piece of ephemera. I also created a cluster to the left bottom of the page using Pink Paislee card stock stickers, puffy stickers, and a cute Amy Tangerine bow.

Dropped white acrylic paint around the layout to finish.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope we have inspired you today to get creative and make something pretty with your HKC kits!

Happy Saturday! Today I would like to share with you a cute mini album I created using a lot of beautiful cut files.
First, here is a video flip through and binding process of the album:

Measures: The pages' size is 4x4", I used a half-folded 8x4" papers. 

Cover size is 4,25 x 4,25, the spine is 1x4,25 inch. 

Cut files are usable in many ways in your mini albums! Let me show some examples through my mini album pages! 

Let's start with the cover! I cut a HEART cut file out of white cardstock and filled the heart shape with fussy cut flowers! 

On the second page, I used the FLOWERcut file to create a tiny extra page, it makes my album more interactive and grants a good place for hidden comments! 

On the left side, I added extra embellishing using the PIE CHART HEART cut file. I cut the inner pieces from patterned paper and stitched to the page in a rainbow form.

The CIRCLE FRAME  looks so pretty and highlights the themes of the photo!

Do you need more places for journaling? Cut some labels using the LABELS! Done and done!

On my next pages, I created a soft background using mist paints and the POINSETTIA BACKGROUND cut file. On the left side, I used the cut file as a mask and sprayed mist on it. Then I adhered the painted flowers to the opposite side. Just love how it turned out! 

I preserved some flowers from our garden and placed them between two acetate sheet. 

I placed some dried lavender into a vellum pocket, and machine stitched around. The whole mini album smells like a flowery land 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! XO Bea 

Happy Saturday Everyone! Hope you have a great weekend! Let me make it even better with a new layout inspiration! This time I wanted to keep my design clean and simple and focus on the photos and the journaling.

We have a beautiful autumn around here in Europe, colorful falling leaves and golden shine is everywhere. I wanted to document these beautiful days, taking pictures of the of the changing garden and the little treasures that my children collected in the forest.  

I planned to arrange the photos in a circle form to my page, so I pulled out the big circle title guide, drew around and marked the places of my photos. I printed and fussy cut the photos and adhered with foam tape to a white cardstock. 

The glittered gold foam sticker from Amy Tangerine is just perfect for a fall-themed layout, I arranged the 'Love this BEAUTIFUL life!' title to the inner circle, under my photos. To finish my layout I dropped some gold and black ink around the page and placed some white leaf die cuts diagonally. The Blissful patterned paper with the tiny hearts from Dear Lizzy Star Gazer collection framed very nicely the layout. 

I hope I could inspire you to create a clean and simple design on your next layout! Thank you for stopping by! Bea

Hello and happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you have a great day! Let me make it even better with a shadow box inspiration! Maybe you wonder which collection I used for this project… Well, these pretty orange and gold patterned papers and embellishments are from the new Star Glazer collection from Dear Lizzy. It's pretty easy to match the embellishment pieces and color shades to fall-themed layouts or other fall-themed scrapbooking projects.

The base of the shadow box is 100% handmade. I altered a former wood frame by adding some wood dividers and painted them with acrylic paint. The inner wood grid is removable, this way I can use the frame in the original function

I started the decoration with the title. The big paintable cardstock words are so versatile, I love the fact that I can do with them whatever I want! This time I used watercolor for paint the ’memories’ word into orange and yellow shades. For adding a little gold shine I embossed the letters with sparkling gold embossing powder just here and there randomly.

The large circle title guide helped me to arrange the gold sticker letters into a round shape. I sticked the letters to a piece of acetate sheet and fussy cut around. I adhered the title to the box by the two ends of the sheet.

I trimmed 2 pieces from the Pretty Petals paper and two pieces of the DIY shop 4 collection/gold foiled acetate sheet and placed them to the squares. I arranged my photos to the squares too but wanted to add more photos to my shadow box, so I turned to the ’oldie but goodie’ waterfall technique for creating an interactive photo display. You just have to pull the hindmost paper, and the pages just turn one after another. There are many tutorials about this technique on the net!

On the bottom left, I placed XO letters using the big gold alpha stickers. The huge O letter is perfect for framing a tiny picture or an ephemera piece. To the front of the letters, I adhered two orange ephemera pieces. which I turned to tiny pumpkins with adding green leaves to the top.

On the bottom right, I use thin gold washi tape to create a striped background and placed some colorful leaves into the big paper clip with star wood icon.

It was so much fun to create this shadow box, it’s perfect for documenting special memories like Halloween. Thank you for stopping by today! 

Hi Ladies! Are you ready for 2018? New Year's Eve is just around the corner, and I'm thinking about our regular New Year's Eve party.

We used to celebrate at home, and invite our close friends for joining us to ring in the New Year together.  

This year I was lucky enough to get the lovely American Crafts party set, and I was immediately drawn to the fun paper rosettes and photo props. My idea was to make a welcome table and Selfie station for our guests. We will take some fun photos with our friends, and of course, the photos will be documented in a layout to remember the last night of 2017! Here are my tips to create a New Year's Eve Selfie station:

I love the soft and elegant colors of this line and started the decoration with adhering the paper rosettes to the wall. I used a removable blue tack, its strong enough to hold the rosettes in place. The rosette cluster looks really pretty, and will be a bright and colorful background for a selfie!

I put the table against the wall, and placed the party supplies on it. I adhered the photo props to the wood sticks and placed them into a standing IKEA frame. I cut out the middle of a party paper plate with the title ' it's Party time' and slipped into the frame. I think this photo props holder turned out so pretty!

I love the fact that these pretty party horns are perfectly matching to the decoration, I just had to add party-colored tissue paper ruffles.  So festive and fun!

One more tip: Don't throw away the party supplies! You can use them again at Birthday parties, and I will use some of the smaller pieces for embellishing my layout or mini album about the party. 🙂

Hello friends! Today, I would like to share with you two cards that I created with the uber-cute Sweater and Weather collection for the American Crafts blog. This time I wanted to try something new with my cards, and just love how this project turned out! 

I have some lovely creative friends, who love to send pocket pages to each other for any occasion just like Christmas. My idea was that I incorporate a mini pocket page into my cards, and surprise my friends with ‘two in one’ cards.

Let’s see my first card. It seems I am immediately drawn to the soft pinks and light blue of this collection, mixed with some wood pattern, and of course, gold accents...who can resist?

For my next card, I focused on traditional colors of the collection. I love the deep red and green with the cute ephemera pieces!  So pretty!

Let me share with you the creative process of these Christmas cards in simple steps: 

I started with creating a card base using white cardstock. I cut a frame from patterned paper using my cutting machine. To adhere to the frame, I used the thin and super sticky AC red tape on the flaps, bent the flaps back and attached the frame to the front of the card.

My mini pocket pages came together very easily and quickly! I drew a template and attached to the back of the plastic sheets with washi tape. I used my Fuse tool to create the tiny pockets. I sealed the inner lines first and left the outline open. After that, I selected my materials, choosing a color palette I loved, patterned papers that I couldn't wait to incorporate, a couple of cute ephemera pieces I could layer one with another, and gold stickers that give a fun sparkle to my pocket pages. I trimmed six pieces of patterned paper and embellished them. When finished, I filled the pockets and closed the outer edges with the Fuse tool.

To place the pocket page into the card, you just have to fold the border back and slip the pocket behind the frame.

One more TIP: Make your letter more personal with a special envelope! I used my WeR Memory envelope punch board to create an envelope and punched a heart shape from the front using the Clear Cut Heart punch. I backed the shape with transparent paper and placed some sequences and patterned paper behind it.

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope I could inspire you to try something new and create special cards for Christmas! Bea

Hi Ladies, I'm back with a new Christmas-themed layout today.

I have a lot of Christmas-themed layouts to document our Family memories but this time I decided to document my feelings about Christmas night. In my country, we celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December, and I think that day is one of the busiest days of the year. We start with decorating the Christmas tree, then clean the house, cook the lunch and the Christmas dinner, greet the guests, visit the church, etc… I would like to do all of these with a big smile on my face and preserve the special festive mood of the day. My favorite part of the day is when I’m finally done with everything, put my pretty dress on, and join my family to celebrate Christmas Eve!

I began my scrapbooking process by selecting my materials, choosing a color palette I loved, patterned papers that I couldn’t wait to incorporate. For this layout, I mixed and matched the Love Always collection pink pattern papers with some red, fussy-cut You rock stars and white die-cut snowflakes.  I cut the huge  ‘Merry’ word using my Cameo. To add more contrast to the word, I offset the shape in the Silhouette program, cut the outline from darker pink paper, and layered it behind the white word.

I layered some die-cut snowflakes with the red stars diagonally on my page. I created a cluster using Love Always ephemera pieces and stickers on the left bottom of the page and added my handwritten journaling to a white tag. I placed my photo to the right side of the title, layered a doily behind and embellished with stickers.

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope I could inspire you to create Christmas Christmas-themed layout using your Cocoa Vanilla Studio collections! Bea

Hello Ladies! This week we are creating projects with fussy cutting technique and the first idea that came to me was to create a colorful background using the 6x6 papers.

I documented a photo of my little daughter taken on a summer holiday some years ago. Seeing this photo reminds me of how quickly she’s growing up and how she loves to explore new places and get new experiences wherever we go. This collection was just perfect for scrapping this lovely photo.

I started my layout by choosing the pretty Traveler paper as my background. I think this may be my favorite patterned paper in this collection with the beautiful soft colors and pretty circle design! I placed my photo to the center and then cut triangle shapes from 6 different 6x6 patterned papers. I adhered a piece of washi tape through the page and arranged the triangles into a half circle under the photo.

I adore all the fun embellishment pieces in this collection! I arranged some cardstock stickers, ephemera pieces, and stickers under my photo using mostly the ‘tone on tone’ technique. I created my title using the rose gold alphabet stickers and puffy stickers. Aren’t these glittered letters amazing? It can be used as contour letters or a traditional alphabet.

The stamps on the Passport patterned paper are perfect for fussy cutting! I created a pretty cluster to the right of the photo that includes some fussy-cut stamps from the 6x6 paper as well as a heart cardstock sticker.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you have enjoyed my layout and been inspired to get creative!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE playing with cut file, and creating versatile layouts using in different ways the same cut file. This time I designed a floral heart cut file, cut it out from a watercolor paper using my cameo. 

First I used the negative paper and painted the page with watercolor, let it dry, and backed the shapes with different patterned paper. Embellished the page with some colorful pieces of ephemera and stickers. Just love this colorful result!!

In the second version I used the florals for creating a background. I adhered the flowers to a patterned paper. To add dimension to the page I folded it up a little bit the petals. I embellished my page with some gorgeous Crate Paper stickers and ephemera pieces.

This cut file is free and downloadable for free, just click here and subscribe my email list to get the password!

Hope you enjoyed my layouts and feel inspired to use this cut file and create versatile backgrounds! Don't forget to tag me on IG if you share your projects with this cut file ( @beavalint )  I would love to see what you create!

My new ONE PAGE MINI ALBUMS CLASS is now up at the Big Picture Classes, and it includes 5 one-page mini albums with walk-through and process videos! One-page mini albums are my favorite scrapbooking projects, they are so pretty, fast, and easy to make! 

In the first lesson, I will show you how to create a pretty teeny-tiny mini album using the stitch-bonding technique. 

In lesson 2 we will create a whole mini album using a cut-apart sheet!

Continuing to lesson 3, we will create an arty tag mini album using a sheet of watercolor paper! 

One of my favorite mini albums in this class is the floral round mini album! The class contains the flower's cut file!

Lesson 5: One-page mini album using a Silhouette cut file is the easiest way to create a mini! The new version of my first 'One-page mini album cut file' with bigger pages and magnetic snap! Cut files of the mini album and the bow are downloadable from the lesson!

And in the final lesson, I will share how to create some DIY tassels to make your minis even more beautiful! 🙂

Hello and welcome to a new project with Paige Taylor Evans cut file! There are almost 60 awesome designs available in the Silhouette Store, so many possibilities to create unique projects!

This time I chose the beautiful FLOWER VASE cut file Design ID #217950 for my layout. I started by cutting the cut file out of white card stock and painted the flowers and stems with watercolor. There are many ways to back-cut files with patterned paper, usually, I draw around the shape and fussy cut the pattern paper, or using the knife tool in the Silhouette Studio I cut apart the cut file, remove the inner shapes, and cut the outlined pieces with my cameo. This time I worked by hand and cut the tiny shapes one by one. I really enjoyed that I could choose a different shade of colors for every single piece. For this layout I mixed and matched Paige Fancy Free and Take me away collections, I love that they complement each other so well!! 

For my background, I used a cream card stock and painted a coat with white acrylic paint. For adding a touch of dimension I adhered the cut file with foam tape. I fussy cut some tiny flowers from different patterned papers and adhered among the stems and around the flowers bouquet. 

I wanted to embellish the vase with some banners, to do this I attached washi tape to white paper, and cut banner shapes from them. I can't resist adding one of those adorable heart charms from the Oh my heart collection. In the end, I created my title with mixing and matching stickers, card stock letters, and acetate shape.

I hope I could inspire you with my layout! Have a nice day!

I have a new layout to share using one of my favorite collections from CVS, Wild at Heart. I love that this collection is so versatile, and can be used for spring photos and summer holiday layouts! Here in Hungary we are in the middle of the summer vacation, so today I was inspired to create a layout using last year holiday photo. Every year we spend two weeks in Croatia with the family and with some friends. These days are my favorites of the year, there are no computers, no phones, just us and the beautiful sea. I wanted to document this photo I took there to remember those beautiful days.

To start my layout I trimmed some paper stripes and adhered to a white card stock. For giving some depth to the layout I folded up a little bit the edges of the stripes. I placed my photo across the stripes and started to create a cluster on the right side of the photo. I wanted to use as many embellishments as I could! I picked up some pretty butterfly die cuts, flair buttons, wood veneers, ephemera pieces, glittered enable dots, and chipboard frames, and layered them from the top using foam tape. I couldn’t figure out exactly where to handwrite my journaling so I wrote my thoughts above and under the photo.  Added some colored structure paste dots and dropped watercolor over the top and the bottom to finish.

Here are some close up of my layout: 

This was a lot of fun to create! I hope it gives you some ideas to try! Have a nice day! Bea

 I was so happy to be invited to teach a layout and mini album workshop at Scrap 2 Days along with the talented Irina Honchryk. I have absolutely loved teaching in Italy! I'm so thankful to Serena (Scrap it Easy) for organizing the event and for letting me come and teach! The workshop was held in a beautiful hotel in San Marino. 

My first class, the layout workshop, started at 9.30am. We dove right in and got messy with some gesso and watercolor paint.

I taught this layout. We played with watercolor and embossing powder:

Lunch break in the Pop Up store 🙂

In the afternoon I taught how to create a 'hidden henges' mini album. We used Crate Paper Oazis collection with the lovely Oh my Heart ephemera pack.

The girls loved the album and enjoyed learning new binding technique and tricks.

I designed a Hungarian folk art chipboard and gave to the participants as a gift. They could use them as a title for their mini album.

Happy SPRING everybody! 

I created this layout because it is spring, sunshine, and happiness, and I just can't get enough of these beautiful Oh My Heart flowers 🙂 ...and because I LOVE playing with my Silhouette Cameo <3

Find this cut file in my cut file bundle here you can sign up for free.

Here are some close-ups:

O hope you enjoy playing this cut file, happy crafting!

Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing a fun layout featuring layering techniques.

I wanted to create a fun, energetic look for my entire layout. With that in mind, I trimmed two wide stripes from two different patterned paper and tore a piece of vellum. I chose the beautiful Experimental patterned paper for the background and adhered the stripes to the left side of the paper. For adding some interesting details I embossed some tiny white stars to the vellum. 

When finished I arranged the two lovely photos in tiers and began embellishing them with the super fun ephemera pieces, enable dots, stickers, and flair buttons. Layering has been one of my preferred techniques whenever I create. It definitely gives a very interesting outcome to my creations. I love how all the layering turned out so well on this layout. Just so perfect with the cute photos along with all the bright colors! And that big ‘YOU ROCK’ wood veneer title sure completes the look!

I created a cluster on the right-hand side to balance out the layout, and to create a visual triangle. Adding my comments and dropping white spray mist over the top and bottom were the perfect finishing touches.

I would like to thank everyone for stopping by today!  Have a lovely day! Bea XX

Happy Thursday, friends! I was up on the Cocoa Vanilla Studio blog again, and I shared a new layout using the awesome YOU ROCK collection. This collection is just begging to be used for a masculine layout, so I picked one of my favorite photos of my son (I have three sons, so I think this collection is made just for me :)) and started to dive into the pretty papers and embellishments!

I decided to mix and match two patterned pieces of paper to create a colorful background, so I trimmed and adhered them two-thirds of the width. I placed my photo in the center and layered a torn piece of paper behind the photo.

The cut-apart sheet was the first thing that caught my eye when I received this collection! I love the cool stripes, the fresh colors, and the pretty fonts! I trimmed the sheet into pieces and placed 2-2 cards in both sizes of the photo. I loved the mixture of the colors and patterns! To add some interesting details I embellished the page with stickers, wood veneers, enable crosses, and fussy cut stars. I just love the look of the black rubber charm with the little piece of twine.

I wanted to create a hidden message for my son, and write some private sentences just for him.  To do this, I cut a little gap at the right bottom of the page using craft knife, created a paper pocket on the back of the paper and slipped into a tag with my journaling.

Here’s one more close-up of the hidden message 

I hope this gives you some inspiration and/or ideas to try!  Thanks so much for stopping by today, and have a wonderful day! Bea

Happy Easter! It's time for painting eggs, making decorations and planting flowers in the garden I love it!! And its time to create Easter-themed layouts as well 🙂

I couldn't resist using my Bunny card cut file for a layout, and I had some perfect little busy bunny pictures of my daughter from the previous year.

Download my free bunny cut file here:

To start the layout I cut the bunny cut file with my Cameo and added some hand-stitched details. When finished I fussy cut some pretty Little by Little flowers by Shimelle,  and created a flower crown. I wanted to add a playful title, so I mixed and matched different letter stickers. Finished the page by painting dots and adding some butterflies.

Here is some closeups of the layout:

I also used this cut files for creating fun Easter cards: