The big DreamBox review

The big DreamBox review

Yes, you're right, I feel just as happy with my DreamBox as I look in the photo! I have to admit, DreamBox has changed a lot of things in my life such as my organizational habits, and I would like to tell you all about this new addition to my scrap space!

First, here is a review video, so if you like watching more than reading, feel free to continue with the video! (I speak in Hungarian but added English captions!)

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Now back to the story of my DreamBox! Create Room is that fantastic company that developed and manufactures these cabinets for creative people who create a lot at home and want to keep their stuff in a smaller but well-organized space. I was quite amazed at how clever the cabinet is in providing a solution to store the many small or bigger tools that we use in the process of our activity, whatever hobby we pursue. I can mainly tell you about scrapbooking, I have a lot of machines, tools, papers, glues, embellishments… I really have a huge amount of stuff. 

Unfortunately, I can’t show many pictures of what my studio looked like before the cabinet arrived. My kids are growing and needed a separate room, so I had to move my scrap stuff to a smaller place. I was never that super-organized kind of girl, I pretty much knew where my specific embellishments or tools were, but I spent a lot of time looking for the many, many little things I needed in my process. When I made a mini album or scrapbook page, I remembered that I needed epoxy stickers or a little stitched detail here or there, then the long search began. I spent a lot of time searching, the stuff took up a lot of space, and the boxes often covered the whole floor around me. However, this is no longer a problem, the cabinet is a wonderful solution for organizing.

Let’s talk about how the DreamBox arrived. The cabinet came in a huge wooden box carefully packaged and mounted on its panels, like an IKEA cabinet. I agreed with the carriers to take the wooden box, and we brought the furniture elements into the house together, which was not a problem. But putting it together is a different story. Don’t try to do it alone, you’ll need the help of a skillful family member who loves to. Assembling the cabinet box took us approx. 4 hours. If you live in America, I suggest you order the DreamBox in the prebuilt version.

Once the cabinet was standing, the next step was really enjoyable, I had to arrange the shelves and boxes. The cabinet comes with many very high-quality plastic boxes, which can be arranged in many versions depending on what you want to store in them. A great help in planning is the downloadable template, in which you can draw what kind of stuff you want to put where. 

I will honestly say that since I have my cabinet, I have rearranged it three times to look for the perfect place for everything. Fortunately, it’s very simple and quick to change the arrangement, the shelves are held by small plastic pegs that can be moved in an instant. The shelves and boxes fit perfectly in each compartment, they are compatible with each other.

The size of the boxes is perfect for a scrapbooker! I was very happy to see that the 12x12 inches papers smoothed out nicely, I could put the accessories on top so I finally didn’t have to keep the paper collections in plastic bags but could store them one by one in these pretty boxes.

I decided to cover the front of the totes with felt or paper to make the cabinet look more uniform. Of course, this is not necessary, many times it helps to organize when you see what is in the box. Since I see mostly the edges of the papers and stickers from the outside, it came out better for me to put a label on the boxes and thereby mark what was inside. To be honest, I enjoyed so much the decoration process of the closet and I really like the end result.

The arrangement of my creative supplies went pretty quickly, there are plenty of options for organizing in the cabinet, there is perfect space for scissors, washi tapes, papers, everything finds a place immediately. And best of all, when we’re finished with our creative project, we can simply close the cabinet and the room is tidy again. I put everything into the cabinet what you can see in the photo, and left free space for more stuff to put in!

Here you can see the closet closed, really pretty, fits my room. The cabinet rolls on wheels, it can be easily moved from one corner of the room to another. I chose it in the white version, but it is available in several versions. 

The two doors are very easy to open. A magnetic sheet can be ordered on the inside of the door, but it can also be painted with chalk paint or covered with a pretty decorative paper. When open, magnets help prevent the doors from closing.

If we only have less space, we don’t have to fully open the cabinet. I love the way the DreamBox surrounds me and my stuff gets at my fingertips. 

The layout of the boxes is entirely up to you. The table can be opened in the center, which can be adjusted in two positions. The legs of the table can also be adjusted to the standing and sitting height. I need a lot of space to create, so I even ordered extra side tables. The side table can be easily fitted to a rail that you have to insert into the cabinet.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I would be happy to read about your opinion, share with me how you like DreamBox, how you would arrange it and for what you would use it for! xo Bea

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