DIY Treasure house for girls and for boys

It was the first time (but not the last I promise) when my sister-in-law, Aniko joined me to create some home decorations from scrapbook elements,
and it was a great pleasure for me to work with her.

We have been friends since the first time, and huge scrapbook funs as well.  

We decided to create a wooden wall decoration in the kid's rooms to store their little treasures.

We made a pink-turquoise colored house for my daughter and a wooden box for Anikos' son. 

 Click HERE to read more about the construction of the house.

At first, we made a mood board with my daughter's favorite colors and collected a lot of little things from her bedroom. We decorated the background of the little house with the selected different scrapbook pages and chipboard and paper flowers. Some favorite pictures were placed on the shelves as well. 

and for the boys...

 Aniko decided to remain the boy's version in wood color and decorated with a lot of blue elements. The boys started to fill up the shelves with matchbox and lego figures immediately 

Created by Válint Anikó and Válint Bea

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