How to make a wooden house wall decoration

My lovely sister-in-law, Aniko, and I decided to make some kid's room decorations.

After we planned the layout we ordered 8mm thick and 6 cm wide wooden board with different longness at the nearest joiner shop.

The length of the boards are the following:
5 pcs 40 cm, ( the sides and one shelf)
1 piece 33 cm and 1 piece 34 cm long for the roof
3 pcs 12,5 cm (shelves)
1 piece 25 cm (divider)
1 piece 19,6 cm (divider)

Before sticking we mixed a light pink and a turquoise color from acrylic paints. 

We painted the boards with a paint roller.

For fixing the form we used strong wood glue.

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