Mother's Day mini album with tutorial

I’m so excited to share with you a new mini album I created to celebrate Mother’s Day! I enjoyed so much to refresh my Flourish collection stash with the products that are part of the Designer Destination program JOANN Stores just started, so I grabbed my new and old items and started to create! 

First, here is a video, so you can see a flip through of the finished album and then the basic assembly of the base:

The finished size of this album is 4 x 7.25 x 0.75”, so it’s almost pocket sized! The base of the cover is a folded patterned paper, which I extended with transparent vinyl. I folded the vinyl pieces in half and scattered glitter in there before I machine stitched them to the paper base. To keep the album flaps shut I adhered a sequenced flower to the front and bound around with a piece of ribbon – perfect solution for projects just like this!

The structure of the album is very playful and pretty. The length of the pages increase with 0.75” with each page, and they open to the left or to the right one after another.   

I started to fill my album with printing out my photos in various sizes, fitting to the size of the pages. I added my photos to the mini album before embellishing. This way, the photo determines the embellishment placement and not the other way around.

I tried to use a mix of flat embellishments because of I didn’t want my album to be too bulky. Stickers, thickers, ephemera pieces, and puffy stickers were great to use in my album.

I mixed the embellishments on each page to add a variety of textures and dimension. The layered embellishments over white space add interest to the pages.

This mini album could be prepared in any size, but here are the exact sizes I used to my album:

Cover: Trim patterned paper to measure 6”x7.5”. Fold by 0.25”, then 0.75”, 4” and 0.75”. Trim 2 pieces of vinyl to 4”x7.5”, fold them in half. Fill them with a little glitter, and machine stitch to the paper.

1. Page: Trim patterned paper to measure 10.5”x7.25”, then fold by 3.5” and 3.5” again. Trim the right page lengths to measure 5.75”, the left page lengths to measure 6.5”. (Watch the process video to see the steps!)

Next pages: Trim the first page to 4.5”x2.75”, fold by 3.5” and then 0.25”. Trim the second page to 4.5”x3.5”, fold by 3.5” and then 0.25”. Trim the third page to 4.5”x4.25, fold by 3.5” and then 0.25”. Trim the fourth page to 4.5”x5” and fold by 3.5” and then 0.15”. Attach them to the back of the main page.

I hope you liked my mini album and enjoyed reading about my process. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you! Have a lovely day!

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