Origami ornaments with Cut files

Every December I used to create some handmade goodies for our Children's school's Christmas Market. This year we had great success with these origami ornaments. I designed some Silhouette cut files for the different types of ornaments, this way it was really easy and fun to put together the stuff! 

Many of my friends asked me to share the process of folding, so I made five short process videos. Here you can see all the different ornaments' process videos. 


Look at these cute embellishments for packaging! I just zoomed out the cut file (you have to change the inner lines into a smaller type of broken line!), cut the templates in half, and adhered them to cardstock. Cut around the bottom and you will get these honeycomb forms. So fun!

I hope you will enjoy these templates and help to begin the festive season!

Don't forget to tag me ( @beavalint ) if you share your project on IG , can't wait to see how do you use it!

Happy crafting!  XXX Bea

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