Snow-lace layout + Cut file

Happy December to everyone! 

This is the most amazing part of the year full of brightness & happiness, and love!

I would like to share this snow-lace cut file to begin the festive season, it is just a little something to help you celebrate the season… and to say thank you for all of your support!

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Some advice for the cutting : 

- Don't use a new cutting mat! It is too sticky, and your die cut could tear when you pull it off. I used to fix my paper with a piece of washi tape on the bottom and on the top , in this case your paper can not move.

- This cut file was created for 12" x 12" paper, if you zoom the cut file out, the lines could become too thin.

- I use a strong, but thin metallic paper (120g) for the detailed cut files.

- my blade settings are 3, the thickness is 15 and the speed is on the 3rd level.

Here are some details about my project with this cut file. I cut it out from a white metallic paper, then cut some more separate stars out of silver paper. I adhered the second star just by its middle to the background. This is a good technic for adding layers to your page. 

I hope you will enjoy my cut file, don't forget to tag me ( @beavalint ) if you share your project on IG, can't wait to see how you use it!

XO Bea

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