Start where you are! mini booklets

Hello, Ladies! I was always that kind of 'list maker' type... I start thinking about the things I have to do as soon as I wake up and am constantly adding to my lists throughout the day. I have weekly lists, daily lists, prioritized daily lists, to-do eventually lists, list of things I need to buy, list of books I need to read, list of exercises I need to do, recipes I need to try or cook again, packing lists within my travel planning list, a bucket list broken down by year, etc.

But the bunch of lists was so difficult to follow, and I needed to find a new way to keep them organized and easy to follow. 

I created six tiny booklets in size 4x4" to organize my lists.

The WRMK bookbinding tool helped me to stitch them together in minutes with colorful thread. One tiny booklet for each topic.

To keep the booklets together, I created a journal styled cover in size 4.5"x8.5". First I covered the heavy cardstock base with patterned paper and adhered a handmade patchwork piece of fabric to decorate the spine. 

Then I added 6 eyelets using my Crop-A-Dile tool in different colors. Two pieces to the top, two pieces to the center, two pieces to the bottom of the spine. To insert the eyelets into the middle of the spine, I punched holes into the chipboard base before adding the patterned paper cover. Then I used scissors to poke holes into the paper, and my Fiskars eyelets setter to insert the eyelets. I pulled an elastic band through the holes and inserted the booklets. 

I can't wait to use this fun journal to keep my life organized, and hope you are inspired to create something like that! Don't forget to tag me on your project, I can't wait to see your version!! Thanks for stopping by! Bea

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