Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes with the Button Press

Hello, friends! Handmade gift boxes with tiny surprises for Valentine’s Day are always so special. They are pretty, represent your love and care, and so easy and fun to create! Today I’m showing you some super sweet paper gift boxes you can create with your Button Press tool.

Here is the video about the basic steps of the assemble:

I chose the easiest way to create the base of the boxes. I grabbed my Explosion Board, trimmed down patterned paper into 6×6″, and created an XXS box.

Next, I used the large cutting die of the Button Press and cut two big circles. These circles go to the top of the box. I trimmed a 1.5″ wide paper stripe, fold it at 0.5″ on the top, and fussy cut a wavy line on the bottom. I cut tiny notches to the top of the strip and curved around the paper circle. I attached the second circle to the top using liquid glue.

Now came the “cherry on the top”! I chose a lovely patterned paper with tiny hearts from the Go the Scenic Route collection by Paige Evans and created a small button with my Button Press. I love how cute is that red button, a perfect tiny gift for Valentine’s Day!

I poked a tiny hole to the center of the box’s top and pierced through a piece of green pipe cleaner as the stem of the cherry. I pinned the red button to the pipe cleaner, and voila! it became a sweet cherry on the top of a cupcake! It’s easy to remove the button so it can use as packaging and as a gift, win-win!

I made another design for the top of my “cake” box, a lovely flower with a pretty button in the center. It’s super easy to create that flower, the only thing you need is your Button Press! First, create a cute small button with your design. I fussy cut a heart shape and placed the center of a red paper to create mine. Next, cut six more circles using the small cutting die of Button Press. Fold the circles in half, and fold back the bottom corner a little bit.

When you unfold the edges, you get a nice, dimensional petal shape. Adhere the petals to the top of the box, and attach your button to the center.

I love how those boxes turned out and I hope I can make my loved once happy with them. Thank you for stopping by! Bea

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